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Leading Your Career


10 confidential 1:1 career coaching sessions over 4 months. You and I will meet once a week for 60mins via Zoom.

Prior to each session you’ll complete your own Coaching Book which not only monitors your progress, energy, it also ensure you are moving forwards.

Noting is left off the table, you will be encouraged to really think and be expected to do what you say you will do. It is my job to ensure you reach deep inside to unlock your full career potential. Over the duration of our 10 weeks there may be time for you to work outside of our coaching sessions.


You will come away from the sessions with; 

  • Answers to your questions,
  • Clarity of career
  • Confidence
  • Forward action
  • Understand your unique strengths
  • Ownership


About Your Coach

Hi, come on lets face it we all want and deserve a career that makes up happy, rewarded and challenged.  I’ve been helping profesionals navigate their careers since 2006. My work is accredited, award winning and results focused. I am a certified coach holding the highest level of coaching qualification.

If you believe you are in the wrong job and determined to make a change then come work with me and let’s get started.

Nick Roud, Career Coach




We all have enourmous potential. Sometimes we just need a coach to hold the mirror up for you.

My aim for these sessions is to ensure you are ready, your job is to put in the hard work needed