“Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice” 


World class leadership assessments that uncover your strengths and development areas.

Evidence based psychometric tools.


Being self aware is the foundation to leading effectively.

The Roud Leadership Assessment 360 (RLA360) is an online psychometric leadership develoment tool. It involves your Manager, peers, direct reports and indirect reports. Identifies your current leadership strenghts and blind spots.

9 leadership competencies including; Decision Making, Strategic Leadership, Visionary, Communication.

This world class assessment is jargon free, user freindly and action oriented.


$1,450 + GST, includes RLA360 plus 1 hour debrief

Myres-Briggs Self Awareness Assessment

The Myers-Briggs Type indicator MBTI is a  self-awareness questionnaire indicating differing personal preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. The Step II Interpretive Report is a highly personalised narrative and graphical report that helps professionals understand themself better.  The 17 page report applies those results to four important components of professional development:

1) communication,

2) decision making,

3) change management

4) conflict management

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$750 +GST, includes MBTI Report plus 1 hour debrief

Inner Core Traits, CPI260

California Psychological Inventory-260® (CPI-260) is one of the most researched and respected personality assessments in the world. The assessment accurately measures 26 deep inner-core traits, divided into

1) Dealing with others,

2) Self management,

3) Motivations and thinking style,

4) Personal characteristics and work-related measures.

The CPI 260® Coaching Report for Leaders is a narrative report that helps you better understand your preferences, attitudes and behaviours in key dimensions of management and leadership, providing a highly intuitive look at your leadership strengths and blind spots

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$750 + GST, includes CPI260 Report plus 1 hour debrief

Leadership Development Plan

The Roud Leadership Development Plan (RLDP) is an evidence based 70 page professional development document that unleashes the leaders full potential and is targeted at leveraging the leaders unique strengths and addressing development opportunities.

It analyses your current position, brings together your leadership assessments RLA360 and RLA, reflects on your purpose and ultimately leverages your leadership strengths and gaps.

It provides clarity about exactly what you must do now to become a better leader to improve and progress forwards.

Look at it as your leadership roadmap for growth and success. The RLDP is to help the leader achieve lasting behavioural change. 

This leadership development plan allows the leader to focus on specific aspects of his/her leadership that they want to strenghten and develop. 

Evidence based forward progression. 

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$3,600 + GST, includes RLA360, CPI260, plus Leadership Development Plan