Testimonials/Coaching Clients

Organisations and clients that engage with Nick Roud Coaching + Roud Career Coaching include:

It is an absolute pleasure and privilege to personally coach professionals not only in my home country of New Zealand but also around the world. Helping individuals in their leadership and careers to not only grow themselves but others around them.

Countries where I coach:

  • New Zealand
  • Australia
  • Fiji
  • South Africa
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • India
  • USA

With the state of technology today the sky is the limit when working with Nick. With operation that spans all for corners of the globe, anybody can grow as a leader with Nick.

What some of my clients are saying

Today I’ve been given the opportunity to assess my ‘career’ and to follow a path that gives me fulfilment & purpose, so it made absolute sense that one of my first ports of call was Nick.  Despite receiving support from my company around my future, Nick not only gave me expert advice but took the time to understand me as a person, what floats my boat and really opened my mind to what is possible.  You hear most days, “there is no limit to what you can do”, but Nick puts this into a perspective that is relatable to you & gets you excited to start a new journey.  I went into the session with some anticipation and anxiety at making such a big change in my life.  I left excited & ready to go!”


Auckland, New Zealand

“Nick is an exceptional leadership coach who is genuine, caring and pushes you to go futher and faster. He has taken the time to understand me and my leadership team, with a true partnership model. He has accelerataed my progress faster than I though possible. Everyone who works with Nick is better for it” 

Oliver Hill

Country Manager / CEO , HP New Zealand

“I would have got there in the end! Working with Nick on his 9 month leadershihp program has expedited me quicker to the place I wanted to reach. Thank you Nick”


CEO , Banking Australia

Nick’s talent for creating safety in an instant allows complete honesty and deep learnings. He helped me to revamp my CV and to gain great insights in interviews. Most importantly, Nick has challenged me with love and played a great part in my success in being selected for a new role.


People & Culture Manager, New Zealand

“Nick has the very rare unique gift of being able to ask the right question at the right time – to get the right results”


CEO , Advertising Business, Australia

We are especially excited to welcome Nick into our family as our 1st certified executive coach from New Zealand! We are fortunate to have such a talented person and coach bringing the IL philosophy, process and tools to his clients in New Zealand and we are looking forward to the great results Nick will bring to his clients! I highly recommend Nick to any organization and executive client who wants to improve…there is no doubt his intellect, insights, and skills as a coach will ignite growth and quantum improvement!

John Mattone

Best Selling Author #1 Authority & The World's Top Executive Coach & Philanthropist, USA

Nick, thakns for your support & coaching this week. I have really apprecited your wisdom, knowledge and ability to support & coach and how your way has supported and allowed me personally. I will always remember this “wise owl” who “pinned” me oa number of times to get me to refelct on who I am and what I want to achieve. thanks again, I really hope we can stay in touch

High Performing Leader, On Program Feedback

I have worked with Nick for a number of years, as a General Manager I have several different hats to wear. Nick has a great ability to always challenge thinking which is a strong asset to have in a coach.  Nick is always well read and understands your market as well as the challenges you may face on a daily basis.  This enables him to articulate clear ideas that help you build strategies to support your thinking. I trust in Nick’s views and I would recommend his services.


General Manager, Auckland

I’m in a state of flux and falling into a pattern of behaviour that probably requires a counsellor versus a coach however Nick’s coaching style was delivered with such professionalism, pragmatism and a huge dose of reality. Nick’s coaching approach focuses on steering you in the right direction not necessarily giving you the answers. Nick empowers you to muster the courage and burning desire to figure it out for yourself.  It’s no shampoo ad in as much as it won’t happen overnight but with support and having someone like Nick believe in you makes you take action. 


Manager, Auckland

Working in a creative industry, I wanted my CV to stand out, and really represent who I am and what I do. Nick helped me achieve that. He also helped me highlight my skills and achievements in an interesting and creative way. Nick coached me through the whole process and made it super easy. After securing a new job, I wasn’t surprised when the GM told me it was the best CV she had ever seen! Thanks Nick!


Marketing / Design Manager

Nick – thank you for an amazing week. Your coaching style has taken us from strenght to strenght as a cohort through your empathy, warmth and great questions. I have learned from you how to focus on the stuff that REALLY matters – thanks for giving me my confidence back 🙂 

Senior Executive , On Program Feedback

Realising the need to fast track my career, I found Nick Roud was able to provide key direction in formulating a positive strategy for my Sales Career. Firstly a major improvement on C.V content, crucial to gaining key interviews. Nicks extensive knowledge of interview preparation, gave me the edge I needed to secure my chosen Sales role. I have no hesitation in referring Roud Careers as the point of difference in gaining success through his services.


Sales Manager, Auckland

Thanks Nick, I just wanted to let you know that I have applied with the new CV and got 2 interviews. 


IT Manager, Auckland

Nick is an excellent career coach. He understood my career background and the roles that I had done previously and what my career aspirations was. Very positive, energetic, creative and supportive but also knowing when to ask the hard questions that are required at times for reality checks and to keeping me well grounded. His experience, professionalism, insight, coaching and guidance helped build my confidence, that has not only helped me to secure a job, but also have helped me in all other facets of my life. I would highly recommend Nick for career advice, cv coaching and preparing for interview.


Finance Manager, Auckland

Event was well attended and the whole session was interactive and engaging. The speakers allowed the participants to share their views and ideas to the wider group. The style of speakers prompted the audience to get totally involved in all the conversations. We are used to preaching, this session was totally different with two way communications happening through the session. Nearly 1-1/2 hours went swiftly. Members want more and more of these events in the future”


President of New Zealand Professional Members Group

Hi Nick, thanks for connecting, just listened to you podcast with Gerry, it was really good. Keep it up, as an avid podcast listener, its good to see some decent NZ content up there.


Software Leader, New Zealand

Dear Nick, You have an amazing supportive personality! I know the whole team apprecates that you have given up a week of your life to take us on this journey. Awesome insghts! Thank you

High Performing Leader, On Program Feedback

Nick is a coach of coaches, he has elevated our leaders to think like a coach, his attention to detail and ability to see things slightly differently sets him apart from any coach we have worked with”. Till we meet again Nick, thanks


CEO , Taxation Business, Canada

“Nick is a well rounded executive leadership caoch that makes you reevalutate your thinking, look at situation through a different lens and ensures you remain your authentic self. The understanding of myself will hold me in good stead in years to come, cheers Nick”

Ryan Marra

CEO, DEC International

I only had 1 session with Nick but this was enough to give me confidence in taking the next step on in my career. From the help he gave me I now have a CV that I am proud of and I feel reflects who I am Also I am a lot clearer on the value I offer to a business. I can honestly say that Nick is fully invested in his clients success, plus he’s also enjoyable to work with.


Group Manager, New Zealand

“Nick coaches way beyond anyone else I have hired as a coach! He takes you to places you initially doubted and then further. He encourages you to think really think! His coaching has allowed me to succeed personally and professionally”

CEO , Bank, Australia

I had a few sessions with Nick and got some fantastic advice from him which will benefit me lifelong. He taught me to aim high and be ambitious about my career goal, being self-aware of who I am, and aware of what’s going on around me. Be myself, be bold and be successful. Thanks again Nick, I wouldn’t be this clear in the direction of my career path without you.


Manager, Auckland

I’ve been working with Nick for over six year-end have enjoyed our varied conversations over this time. Navigating from practice to industry as a new CA, making the most of the Kiwi OE in the UK and then moving back to NZ. Our conversations are always focused and having an external sounding board on workplace strategies has helped me make the most of my career so far.


Commercial Manager, Auckland

Nick, the wise one – thanks for your insights challenging me to think differently and feeling the stone in my shoes. I have also apprecited your positivity – it provides such a supportive enviroment that is OK to be vulnerable. I’ve enjoyed the week & appreciate the huge part you played in it. 

High Performing Leader, On Program Feedback

“Don’t underestimate the positive impact Nick brings into an organisation. He coached me for 12 months, now he is coaching my entire leadership team across New Zealand and Australia. He makes a difference”


CEO, Retail Business, New Zealand & Australia

Good morning Nick, I wanted to say a big thank you for the session last night! I have thoroughly enjoyed it and you have inspired me to bring my whole self to my CV. It was probably just the kick up the b*** that I needed.


Product Manager

Nick has placed me in two roles over the years, and I think that is because he understands how people work and that he truly matches the right person to the right job. Therefore, I am happy to see him go into coaching, so that he can help more people.


Commercial Manager

“Nick, I think we have the wining coach!! Thank you for your guidance, encourgagment & support during this journey. You’ve left a little gift with each on of us – very special x. I think this is your calling – heloping others to realise their own potential. Please stay in touch now & again”

Senior Executive , On Program Feedback

I really appreciated todays meeting. Your guidance helped me to put the conversation into a whole different stratosphere the outcome is they want to fly me to the Head office for final interview. Thanks Nick


Senior Manager, Auckland

I had been out of the job seeking market for a long time, and was finding it difficult to attract any attention or cut through from my current CV. When I did get interviews, I wasn’t well prepared and wasn’t projecting myself as positively as I would have liked.

I saw a post you put on LinkedIn about CV & interview preparation skills / services, so I thought I would get in touch to see if you could assist. 

It’s turned out to be a very positive decision, one I am glad I made. Not only have you helped to sharpen up my CV & give it a fresh coat of paint, I think its starting to better represent how I want to see myself and where I am headed on my career journey.

Bynature I am not great at sharing my thoughts, but working with you I felt very comfortable in explaining where I was at, and be honest with myself about changes I needed to make. You have a very engaging approach, one that makes people feel at ease quickly, which is essential for getting great results.

Now that I am moving into a new role, I would really like to stay engaged on furthering my career development, you have been a great sounding board for me to really start to identify the things I want from my career, we have had a great session to map out what some of those things look like, what gaps there are and where to develop connections, thinking and skills going forward.

Once again, thanks for your support so far, and I look forward to continuing to work with you to progress my career.


Commercial Manager, Auckland

Nick, You’ve been an absolutely extrordinary coach this week – never in my life have I met someone who connects, coaches and guides as you’ve done for me – and the whole team this week. Genuenly think some of our work this week will be life changing. Thanks so much & stay in touch

High Performing Leader, On Program Feedback

Listened to your podcast last night and as always was a great listening experience – Finance Director – New Zealand

Excellent podcast Nick. Very much on point and relevant for me – Commercial Manager – New Zealand

Thank you the valuable time you spent with me to point me in the right direction. – S.H Accountant – New Zealand

I worked with Nick during a redundancy process from a large blue chip.  I chose Nick because he is very easy to get on with, he listens and he has extensive experience in all aspects of recruitment and placement.  These skills ensured that our sessions delivered great value to me as I navigated this difficult time. I have recommended Nick as a coach to my network.


Technology Leader, New Zealand

Nick, How blessed we were to have you as our guide. Having never worked with a coach before you have set the bar! So grateful to you for your warmth, your vulnerabiltiy and your cheekiness! You are a true inspiration & I’ll take the lessons with me!

High Performing Leader, On Program Feedback