The Nick Roud Podcast


It's all about the people and learning from them!

Some of my wonderful guests on the Nick Roud Podcast include, Matt Young, Dion Nash, Rob Campbell, Robett Hollis, Hannah McQueen, Richard Young to name a few

Robert Tighe On The Nick Roud Podcast

I had the pleasure of spending time with Robert Tighe recently and like all my guests I learnt so much about a subject and topic I have really struggled with since childhood ‘words’. As someone who is dyslexic I do all I can to avoid writing but over the past few years I have found deep meaningful pleasure and a love for words!

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Richard Young PhD on The Nick Roud Podcast

Richard Young is a guru and his work is focused on ‘high performance’. Richard owns Simplify2Perform and it was an absolute privilege and pleasure to have him as a guest on The Nick Roud Podcast. Richard has personally be involved in nine (9) Olympics across most roles as an athlete, coach, scientist and leader. He has spent years researching human physiology, performance technology and performance behaviours. He has won international Gold medals, coached world champions, and as you will hear in our conversation things have only just begun for him. We hope you enjoy our chat and you take Action.

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