Interview Coaching

An interview is a golden opportunity for you to showcase your professional strengths, achievements and areas you still wish to develop. Don’t waste the opportunity by not preparing yourself! Nick Roud. 

Interview Coaching.


  • EAre you getting invited in for an interview but not being offered the job?
  • EDo you walk away from an interview wishing this or that had happened?
  • EAre you confident in the lead up only to shrink into a ball when it's showtime?
  • EDo you find you don’t interview well?
  • EHave you not attended an interview for a number of years and want to get some independent coaching to help you prepare?

Interviews come in a variety of styles, the focus for the hiring manager will be to quickly see if there is a fit for his/her team. Over the course of a couple of interview coaching sessions with Nick either face to face or via conference call we will prepare, plan, and ensure you are interview ready. 

Since 2006 I have helped thousands of professionals go from “thanks but no thanks” to “we would like to make you a formal offer”.

There is no one-size fits all approach to interviews and in my experience coaching professionals there is no right or wrong way. The golden nugget is YOU  (and this is what we work on). 

If you are planning to attend an interview soon, looking at an internal promotion or have been shoulder tapped for a role don’t underestimate the importance of Interview Coaching with Nick Roud Coaching.