Interview Coaching 


Getting results for professionals since 2006.

Don’t waste the opportunity” Nick Roud, Career Coach.

  • EAre you getting invited in for an interview but not being offered the job?
  • EDo you walk away from an interview wishing this or that had happened?
  • EAre you confident in the lead up only to shrink into a ball when it's showtime?
  • EDo you find you don’t interview well?
  • EAre you struggling to understand why you are not nailing your interviews?


I rarely coach a professional who is super confident about interviews. Most of the time nerves get the better of them. Our mouth dries up, hands get sweaty and we struggle to hold eye contact.

For many professionals attending a 60min interview feels like hell. For others they may lack confidence.

No matter what your feeling interview coaching will help you show up as best you can. 

I have been helping professionals since 2006 and can enable you to interview well. 

Over the course of two – three interview coaching sessions with me, we will apprecite where you are at, work through your current thoughts, lay out a plan and practice for your real interview. 

Interview coaching will enable you to be interview ready.