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Roud Career Coaching, helping professionals in their careers since 2006.



  • Career Clarity and Direction
  • Job Search and changing careers.
  • Navigating an internal promotion.

Multi-Award winning Career coach Nick Roud provides a range of services, from helping you figure out what you want to do, to exploring opportunities for professional growth to supporting you through the ups and downs of looking for a new job.

Questions that our clients are seeking coaching on include:

  • Not knowing what they want to do next in their career?
  • Not knowing if taking an internal role will achieve long-term career aspirations?
  • Building confidence
  • Lost, confused or stuck in a career they no longer enjoy
  • Want to make change but don’t know where to start. Plus many more.

Nick offers a comprehensive, start to finish structured 10-session career coaching programme through to a one off career coaching session. The choice is yours. 


Coaching provides you with the dedicated time and space to work with Nick in person or via Zoom. Working together on really defining your career options, and putting in to place an action plan to help you achieve them.

Clients gain direction, focus, and clarity from working with Nick, leaving them more confident, less confused about their future.

The fees below take in to account Nick’s 18+ years of helping professionals in their careers. Coaching sessions with Nick are not a quick fix but an investment of time, commitment, energy, and acceptance of responsibility towards your future, and how it turns out.

Hiring Career Coach Nick is easy to do, call him directly on +6421375630.

Life is not a dress rehearsal, make the most of it.

Career Coaching Fees 2024



Introductory Session 45min 

$95 + GST

Designed to further discuss your current situation, career goals, coaching expectations etc, and to help you decide if Nick is the right Career Coach for you.



Career Coaching Sessions 60mins

$340 GST


Leading Your Career 60mins x 10 sessions

$2,300 + GST

Annual Warrant Of Fitness 45mins only for past clients

$200 + GST



Right now you may not know which career will bring you fulfilment, you are not able to move forwards with confidence and you are not enabling yourself to reach your full professional potential. So where to from here?

Career coaching with Nick Roud enables you to quickly identify and get clarity in your professional career, that could mean staying where you are and working on a few things or moving organisations.

As your confidential ‘sounding board’ Nick Roud has coached thousands professionals and gets lasting results.

As a career coach Nick provides a range of 1:1 coaching to help you figure your career out. Together we explore your thoughts, ideas and aspirations and then put a realistic plan in place.

Engaging with Nick requires an investment of time, and the hard work that will be needed from you.

Next Step!

  • Time now is to stop aimlessly applying for positions!
  • Stop thinking you are not good enough/capable of that career!
  • Stop allowing others to control your professional potential!
    • Start to take action for yourself.

Here are some recent examples of why professionals engaged with me (January 2024)

*I didn’t know what I wanted to do next in my career?

*Should I step up into the next role or find a new organsiation?

*I knew my CV was not effective!

*I was hamstung and tied to my current role/organisation/manager and wasn’t enjoing work

*I was getting interviews but not landing an offer!

* Feeling like I had flat lined!