Career Coaching – What an outcome for Frank!

by | Dec 8, 2016

A key question keeps cropping up during my coaching meetings.

Are CVs important?  

Well the simple answer is Yes.

Rather than list ‘10 magic things that will change your world!’, I thought it would be more beneficial to showcase a recent coaching case.

For confidential purposes, I have changed my clients name, other than that all facts are correct.

Here is Frank’s CV Story.

Frank, an experienced professional from Auckland, has worked with some of New Zealand most recognised organisations. Frank is a Senior Manager, he has built teams, worked on some unique projects, has strong transferable skills and a tremendous work ethic to get the job done. In short, Frank has a great deal to offer.

He felt his work was starting to become repetitive, and believed the time was right to see what more he could do and offer a new company. He had been applying for jobs all over town and some positions outside of Auckland. 

In our initial meeting, Frank agreed that what had happened in the past needed to change, so we went through our process in detail.  Following this, I asked Frank to send me the CV he had (as he had explained that he had applied for nearly 125 jobs and was despondent and resigned to the fact that he might spend the next 5 – 10 years with his current company)

Just for the record, Frank was engaging, knowledgeable, professional and a competent leader. He was articulate, able to demonstrate some brilliant achievements, he knew what his strengths were and his weaknesses.

So why had nobody wanted to at least meet with him?

Within a few minutes of opening up his CV I understood fully why potential hiring managers had not wanted to meet with him!

His CV lacked what I commonly refer to as, the “real Frank”. It was drab, it lacked any spark, it was basically a list of jobs and companies he had worked for. It did not shout from the roof tops ‘look at me!’

Part of my role as Coach is to be clear with my clients, and sometimes brutally honest. Frank took on board my professional views and advice, and also quickly grasped that it was time to re-vamp his CV. He thought his name and qualifications alone would open up doors. He assumed that because he had worked for some of New Zealand’s most recognised organisations, that this would be enough to get him in!

Well it didn’t.

New Zealand remains short on talent. Organisations continue to evolve with sophisticated recruitment tools and technology.

Put simply, you still need to make the effort. Your CV needs to evolve and keep up.

Following discussions, Frank was able to nail down his key achievements in each role, and where he had added value to each organisation, which gave a better picture of Frank as an individual.

After a couple of final tweaks, it was ready to go and Frank was delighted with his new refreshed and polished CV.

I got a call from Frank last week. He was fizzing with excitement; his new CV had been a hit. He had applied for 4 positions, got 4 interviews and 2 offers. Now we are discussing and planning his long-term career goals!  What an outcome.

With 2017 only a few weeks away I am helping a number of individuals get their CV ready for action. If, like Frank, your current CV is not working then I want to help. Call me on 021375630.

A well-presented CV is your most powerful tool. A tool that you control, a tool that will need regular attention, a tool that will open doors, a tool that showcases who you truly are.

Getting your CV right will make a difference.

Regards, Nick

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