Balance – can you ever get it 100% perfect

by | Feb 12, 2017

Balance – what does it actually mean? I’ve been working through this with a few of my clients, and initially I thought it’s a buzz word, flavor of the month, everyone is talking about it, but does anyone actually have it?

The official meaning of balance is ‘a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions’.

But is this achievable in today’s busy world?

If you are thinking (and feeling) that things in your life are out of whack, then they probably are. What are you going to do about this? Well you could do nothing, and guess what, your balance will probably stay out of whack.

The best thing about wanting to get balance is it doesn’t cost anything. No fancy wrist watch, no fancy trainers, no expensive detox program, no membership to any club or gym. The one thing I am convinced off, and the results that I am seeing in my clients is, it needs steady commitment. Commitment from yourself to really look “in the mirror” and ask yourself a couple of home truths.

Habits can be trained and changed depending on how much you truly want to change.

What I am seeing is clients’ behaviors and attitudes shifting from trying to juggle many things which may result in feeling like you are going backwards, to focusing on a few areas, taking a controlled approach, conserving energy (and time) and stepping away from all the noise.

This may sound simple to do but is it still working a year later or are you back juggling many things?

I know from experience that it is easy to slip back into this “juggling” mentality but I have installed a number of what I call stop signs, that continue to realign me when heading off course.

To many, creating a plan (and sticking to it) is extremely hard and a time-consuming project. I am seeing wonderful results from my clients who are working with me at Roud Career Coaching.

If you are looking to improve or take more control around Balance, get in touch with me

Thanks for taking the time to read this important topic, look after yourselves.



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