The day has arrived “interview day”

by | Aug 27, 2017

Every day thousands of individuals wake up with either excitement or fear on what the day ahead may have in store. The day has arrived “interview day”.

For many it might be your first “interview” for others your first “interview” you have attended in many years, and for others it may be your 50th! How you perform over 45mins – 1hr30min “interview” could change your life. So how ready are you?

As a coach I do everything I can to ensure you get the job. I ensure you are ready, that you understand the interview process, that you are comfortable and well rehearsed in articulating why you are the right man/women for the position. So, when that door opens and you walk into the “unknown” you are not only ready, but calm and acting like your most authentic self. 

Firstly I would like to change a word “Interview” I hope you don’t mind but I hate it. For the purpose of this article I will be using “meeting”  (ah so much better – no sweaty hands – no heart racing faster than usual”. It still amazes me, to this day, after 11 years of helping individuals, that using the word Interview strikes panic into the most confident of individual!

So, “meetings” come in many different shapes and sizes, formal, informal, panel, chat over a coffee, Skype etc but ultimately it is an opportunity for you and a hiring manger to see if you can help and add value to his/her business and if the opportunity will help your career. Simple as that, please don’t over complicate this!

It worries the hell out of me, that many people going to a “meeting” do not understand why they are going!!!!!! – they simply turn up and “wing it”. Not a great idea, so find out as much as you can about everything (before taking the time and trouble of going), understand what you are going into. Why? so you are ready!

So, in understanding what a “meeting” is, how ready are you?

Here are a few things to think about before you agree to go to a meeting: (this list is not exhausted) 

  • Am I truly looking for a new role
  • What do I really want to be doing in my job (learning new stuff, trying a new industry, working on different projects, progressing, taking a step back etc)
  • Why do I want to move (to me this is key – work on this, try a pro & con list or what I enjoy / what I don’t enjoy) then decided if you want to move!
  • In my current role what few things can I change to be really happy and fulfilled (do you really need to change jobs to get this?) 
  • How will this position help my career plan (do you have a plan or are you trucking along day in day out?)
  • What are the pros and cons in the new role (do they align with my career plans)
  • What am I going to learn / grow / develop by taking this role
  • Is the remuneration package in line with my needs (do I know exactly what is on offer to me?)
  • Does the location work for me
  • Does the job really interest me etc, 
    • When you work with me we create you own plan (bespoke to you and nobody else)

The first 5 seconds (before words are exchanged, before hand shake is offered) the hiring manger has already summed you up – have a listen a previous blog on “The Worlds judges you on how you look”  what I am getting at here is “dress the part” feel comfortable and proud of who you are. 

One bit of advice I like to share is, remembering “the hiring manger is keen to understand you, they want to meet you, they want to understand you, they feel it is important to them to meet you” so how ready are you?

Just to keep things in perspective, How many times have you rehearsed your introduction? How many times have you practiced “walking someone thru your CV”? How many times have you felt a mental block come over you when asked a specific question? How many times have you recorded or simple put a mirror up to see your body language?  How many times have you put yourself under the spot-light? So, again, how ready are you for your “meeting”

“To me there is no golden rule – no 10 steps to heaven or pill that will ensure you get this right, but, the one thing we can control is how you personally feel & present yourself to a potential hiring manger and how you control the situation.” 

Working with me, we keep in mind the goal, we do not get lost in buzzy words or catchy phrases, I keep things simple. 

For many of you about to attend your meeting, I truly hope it goes extremely well for you, remember, enjoy the time and do your best. 

Over the last 11 years I have helped many take the step and secure the role. Want to find out more? Get in touch. 

Look after yourself,


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