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by | Oct 2, 2018

It’s an absolute privilege and pleasure to receive a call from an executive and the opening conversation goes a little bit like this “Nick, I really enjoy what you do and I want to look at ways working with you can help me” this happened again a few days ago!

Wow, firstly – huge!

Then my thoughts kick in, is this a wind up, is this genuine, what is it they like, how can I be of service, why me! (and it’s normally in that order)……why do I think this, because I genuinely feel I have the best job if you can call it, in the world…..

Over the last 2 years my business has grown and I am extremely proud of the fact that everyday I get to work alongside some very strong, driven and high performing executives. My number 1 source of “work” has come through referrals – ie an individual has engaged with me, liked what we have done, got results and felt someone in his or her team, organisation or community would get a great deal from partnering with me. My work does not come from me contacting an individual to ask “hi, its Nick here from Roud Career Coaching can I be your coach” I have tried this approach and its doesn’t sit well with me!

Executives, leaders, high performing individuals are extremely busy and short on time. So to those wonderful individuals and you know who you are out there (thank you for sharing with others what I do and passing my details on – I cannot thank you enough)

So, back to that call, Nick, I really enjoy what you do and I want to look at ways working with you can help me.

I feel chemistry is so extremely important and meeting each other we can quickly gain confidence or not that what we are going to do is going to bring those results to fruition.

Over the course of a few hours we sat down and had a good old fashion chat, we look at the core (as this is the starting point for me), what really are we looking to work on and I try to be very clear that coaching or partnering with me is not for everyone! My approach, my style, my process may not be the best for you right here right now and if this is the case I ensure nothing is dragged out. Likewise the executive may not like my approach (or me) and this is totally fine.

On this occasion the executive liked how we both gelled and she felt confident that I was the coach/partner for her so we put together our Coaching Agreement where it outlined many key things that she would be measured on to ensure she was progressing. We agreed our Confidentiality rules (mine is simple, I don’t share anything about our conversations, who you are with anyone period) (nice and simple). Then we planned how the next 6 months would work so in order to put specific times in each others diaries and these could not be moved, we fitted in around, board meetings, leadership meetings, customer meetings, social meetings etc you know all the important things we do in life. We then established a few rules around laying it all out there, being present, allowing for silence, allowing to agree to disagree and that she was the one who needed to take full control and ownership. What this means has to be very clear from the start else we are setting ourselves up to fail from the start!

We have now had a few sessions and already the executive is moving, progressing and getting noticeable results. (her words not mine) Our trust and bond is growing and from a coaching stand point my client is doing what she said she would do!

There are no easy steps to the coaching journey, to me it’s a life long commitment, non of us have all the answers but between us we will get closer to what it is you are looking for!

I hope the above has given you a little bit of a glimpse into Coaching Executives. It’s not easy, the timing has to be right and the commitment from both parties has to be aligned.

Have a wonderful morning, afternoon or evening where ever you are in the world. I look forward to being of service to you (when the time is right)

Look after yourself, Nick

Nick Roud – Executive Coach & CEO

Roud Career Coaching

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Nick Roud – Executive Coach, Roud Career Coaching 021375630


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Nick Roud

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