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by | Aug 3, 2018

Ok so heres the thing, I really sucked when it came to school! I couldn’t wait to get out onto the rugby field and play with my mates. I would have done this 24/7 365 days of the year. I always wanted to turn this love into a job. I would do anything not to study, not to read, not to go to class (well unless it was sport specific).

Todays blog is about the continuing value that self development can bring to you!

Well that was then and this is now. Today I am like a sponge – I am reading more than ever before, I am tasting so many different flavours, meeting so many different types of individuals – getting to work with some of the best people around. I am putting myself way out of my comfort zone – and as a Coach this is so valuable to me because all the above will ultimately allow my clients to get results!  

My schooling has started not when I was 5 years of age but as a 40 year old! (too late many of you may say) its never to late to develop.

Was it that during my school times I was lazy, was I just “thick”, was it more to the fact that at that time I just couldn’t relate to it!  I am dyslexic and lets just say having a conversation with a person, is, to me more rewarding than understanding how a scientific letter relates to the mass of something that I will never understand nor want to! 

As a coach I often get asked by my wonderful clients –  “Nick, I need to do more study, I need to do a course, I need to do an MBA, What books should I read, I need to really help myself. I have been given a budget for self improvement what do I do?

Does that sound a little bit about you?

Firstly congratulations to you for considering ongoing learning/education – what ever stage of life you are at, to invest in your own development is going to be of huge benefit and I 100% applaud you. I myself as a coach have just invested a great deal of money to continue to push my coaching capabilities but that is for another Blog!!!

A few things to consider if you are considering/contemplating ongoing learning/education.

  • Think about the time you are going to need to invest in this.
  • Think about how you will benefit from putting yourself thru this learning/education.
  • Understand the impact this may have on the people around you and communicate this to them (getting those close to you on board I feel is really important).
  • Finally, embrace your new learning and enjoy what ever it is you are doing.

You can never stop learning but you can absolutely start! 

Look after yourself, Nick

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