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by | Sep 13, 2018

As an executive coach I get to work with an array of Executives and individuals. It is a total pleasure to be trusted by them and to sit alongside them in confidence and be of service.

I was extremely honoured to get a call from a Chief Operating Officer (COO) here in New Zealand at the end of last week.

It went a little bit like this

“Nick, xxxxx here, I have been following you on social media and I like what you do. Now, I need to get my CV sorted out can you help?”

Over the last couple of years apart from referrals by clients (which is still my number 1 source of welcoming new clients to Roud Career Coaching) the other source of how clients come to me is through my sharing of useful, meaningful content about what it is I do. Be it via my blogs, articles or podcasts. Sharing useful content around coaching and in particular executive coaching is extremely important to me and is something I will continue to do (well for the next 30 years!)

So back to the phone call,

He had been approached by a search firm and they needed to see his executive cv. He had not looked at his CV for 10 years. The real “kicker” was his deadline “Nick I need this by Wednesday”.

To be honest, I really thought we would struggle to get this important document ready in time frame, not only to capture his professional history and skill set but also bring to life who he is.

Well, we cracked it – and following a few intense meetings and phone calls the final version was wrapped and ready to go (yesterday lunch time)……..

He is totally thrilled with his new look executive CV and without question he feels it really does reflect who he is as a COO and the person he is today!

Sometimes, if you put your head down and give it a nudge things you feel are not possible (can be possible).

Look after yourself,


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Nick Roud

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