Executive Coaching – with Nick Roud. Communication across a “family business”

by | Jan 17, 2019

Today I wanted to share a little more around “Communications” and specifically when you work and are part of a family run business.

As an executive coach I have the pleasure of partnering a variety of leaders, organisations of all shapes and sizes and being welcomed into those business is a huge privilege.

Business owners are looking to leave their legacy and to ensure the future is bright for their families and staff members. How individuals communicate specifically with fellow family members can be extremely challgenging.

So many times, I get to see first-hand the passion and brilliance that family run business have and I also get to see how living, working, socialising together can have potentials for things to get a bit “stale” the hard conversations are put to one side, the honesty of communication changes.

As I get closer to these family owners, it is so interesting to meet and speak to each member and to understand their huge passion and desire for the success. Oh to often can these individuals be afraid to really speak and share their thoughts (for the benefit of the business).

Without clear lines of communication it is my experience that business can start to struggle to grow, to evolve and the “she’ll be alright” mentality take hold.

Its not easy especially working for or in a family run business. They say blood is thinker than water and this is true. Here are a few things to consider individually and collectively. Have a look at each of these and see where you are today! What might you look to keep doing and what might you look to address.


·      What will you do?

·      How will you do it?

·      When will you do it?

·      Who will you talk to?

·      Is there anything you need to put in place before that?

·      How personally committed are you to taking that action?

·      When are you going to start?

·      What might stop you from taking this action?

·      What will you do to make sure that happens?

Running a business (family) business is not easy! But having clear lines of authority, clear lines of accountability and clear (ways) to communicate with each other will allow each and every one of you the true success you each deserve. 

Start today and start to speak with your business hat on!

Nick – Executive Coach

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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

Executive Leadership Coach

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