New Directions! following redundancy, restructures or loss of a job. Written by Nick Roud – Executive Coach

by | Mar 24, 2019

Not a lightbulb moment but important!

Not a lightbulb moment but important!

New Directions following redundancies, restructures or loss of job.

written by Nick Roud, Executive Coach, Roud Career Coaching. March 2019

Taken on “New Directions” – Its ok to Stop, Pause, to Breath! And then take action! 

In today’s 2,000+ word blog I want to share some light, thoughts, ideas and insight into New Directions. We are seeing across New Zealand and around the world a variety of organisations of various sizes, large / medium and small come out and say that they are going to realigning their organisation to meet the demands of shareholders, boards and customers. This is nothing new and speaking with many leaders of organisations this is not going to end soon. 

The main area that I want to focus on in this blog is the most important one, the human element, i.e. (you).

It is part of our everyday career life and it is fair to say no one is immune to redundancy, restructures or loss of job. Go back a couple of generations to my grandparents time and there was a saying “a job for life” how very true. Fast forward to 2019 and it is fair to say “many jobs for life” and whilst things may be changing around you and certain aspects may be “out of your control” it is how you handle yourself along with understanding your gifts and strengths that will allow your own career to flourish into the future. 

During your career you may personally experience redundancy, go thru or be part of a restructure or even lose your job. If you personally don’t you may see a family member or friends go thru this. It is never nice and it can be just as hard for the senior executive that signs off on this to happen. Just think what he/she is going thru, as a leader one of your first roles is to protect, help and grow your people not to see them leave your organisation!

As always I truly hope these words and thoughts allow you to be yourself. Sometimes new directions come at us from left field, sometimes they are forced onto us and sometimes it is you that decide to control your own destiny. 

Some things to consider whilst in employment. How important is it to you to learn new skills so you can develop and your organisation can benefit? What courses are available to you either in-house or externally? Are you keeping up your professional development? What are the leading publications in your industry and again how up to date are you with what is going on? How might your current level of skills be desirable to other organisations now or into the future? Do you have a budget for your own professional development if so how are you utilizing this so you benefit and your organisation benefits?

Over the last two months I have been working with a number of wonderful individuals where recent events such as redundancy, restructures, loss of job and income have made each and every one of them take stock, take stock of their gifts, take stock of what they are exceptional at and take stock of their future plans. It has been really humbling to be in a position to help them and add value to each and every one of them. They have chosen to work with me and get the results they want.  I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to be of support and I am 100% with you.  

One initial thing to remember is; you do have gifts and strengths and you are a very capable person – its how you bring this to life that will set you apart from others looking for any future position!

When considering this blog I wanted to understand a little more around “redundancy” and the background to this. It’s a relatively new act. In 1965 the UK parliament introduced into the UK labour law the principle that after a period people would have a right to a payment in the event your job becoming economically unnecessary to the company. 

As you read todays blog (thank you) I do hope that if nothing else you are able to “think differently” about your future and put the skills, tools and soft touches around you to allow you to get ahead. 

For those of you knew to my blog, a huge welcome, my purpose for these along with my coaching business is to help you “improve and get results” you can find, podcasts, blogs and other really useful stuff on my website,

A little bit about me – I am an executive coach, to Senior Executives, Directors, CEO’s, General Managers, Leaders and High Potential individuals. Individuals that like you want to improve. It is an absolute honour to be the #1 Authority in New Zealand on Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching (a 6-9 month program that is specifically for the above). You will come to see pretty quickly that my purpose is to help every leader be the very best they can be, welcome to a different approach to coaching! Getting Results with you. 

Just recently I had the pleasure of planting out in our veggie garden a wonderful variety of vegetables that will take many months to come to our table (winter veggies). I was trying to explain to my 3 year old that all really good things do take time, from growing your own vegetables, to seeing your children grow to building your own career. He was having an absolute ball with his little digger in one of the raised beds oblivious to the time I was taking to make sure each little seedling had a good “base” to start to grow. He was more chuffed that he could empty the soil from one raised bed onto the surrounding ground – and then to start taking the said soil from the ground and put it all back into the raised bed over and over he did this and I noticed he was extremely focused on where it needed to be placed! But like planting seeds your career takes time to evolve – you certainly can push it along but great foundations will hold you strong if times change. 

So why do organisations take the decision to make people redundant. This was taken from an article on Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ). 

Generally redundancies within an organisation occur when there is a decline in company revenue and/or work available or the company is looking to restructure and streamline the organisation. In these circumstances the employee may find that their position is surplus to the companies requirements or needs. Therefore, the organisation or employer will announce to the employee or employees affected that their contracts are going to be terminated as their positions will no longer exist. 

Redundancies have to be for genuine commercial reasons and not for any other underlining reasons such as capability or performance issues

When announcement and consultations take place there is number of thoughts, emotions and question that go on in our minds! 

·      why me, 

·      how can this be possible, 

·      what have I done to deserve this, 

·      how am I going to support myself and my family, 

·      should I take redundancy or another position offered to me

·      will I get another job

·      what do I need to do next

o  or………… you think along these lines………..this is a great opportunity for me!!

It would be extremely foolish of me not to say here that there (is) a light at the end of the tunnel and you will find a way. Things may be uncomfortable to start of with but things will get better. In my experience of coaching individuals –  taking a couple of weeks off – completely off is really important to refresh yourself and your mind. Trust me when I say this, take a couple of weeks off! I know it’s tricky if you have family around to make time for yourself, if you can try and squeeze in just 30mins each day just for you I am confident this will only support you as you refresh yourself.

If you are stuck on what to do with yourself in those 30mins here are some thoughts:

·      avoid negative people

·      learn to say “no” 

·      take a nap in your favourite chair

·      walk along a beach with no shoes on

·      paint, read, listen to music, write

·      do cross-words

·      play around (don’t worry no-one is watching)

·      listen to a podcast

·      declutter your wardrobe, garage, shed, loft, pantry!

·      Learn that skill/language you always wanted to do

·      UNPLUG emails, social media

·      If you play an instrument – dust it off, pick it up and go hard

·      Visit a library or a bookstore or an antique shop – just browse

·      Start a journal – record your thoughts, ideas 


Once you feel refreshed and have a clearer mindset (look – this might take longer than two weeks that I mentioned early – again you will know when you are ready) you can then start to consider and think about your future. 

There is no one size fits all, it comes back to you and your personal desire, drive and determination. You know yourself better than anyone else! Do consider seeking out a sounding board at this stage, work with someone who can not only support you but also challenge in a healthy way to make sure you are truly considering (all) of your options. Work with someone who has experience. This could be a buddy, a mentor or a coach – try not to just work with a “yes-person” after all its your interest that should be top of mind not there’s. But in choosing to work with one of the above try and get focus on your outcome and be as open and transparent with them!


Some things to help you get started! 

·      Take up any services that your employee offers you, if you have a couple of options meet them and then work with the person you “get on with”

·      Communicate to family what is going on (there support is needed)

·      If you have bills to pay speak with those organisations and explain what is going on (they may be able to support and help you whilst looking for your next position)

·      Surround yourself with great people, supportive people – it still amazes me by just how supportive kiwis are!

·      Take 30mins a day just for you (see above for some ideas)

·      Take care of yourself 

o  Go get a WOF, visit the doctor get an annual check up

o  Walk in the fresh air

o  Move your body however and whatever that form takes

You will need to get a few specific things in place again once you are refreshed these may include getting all your documentations together, in no particular order

·      Passport and qualifications

·      CV

·      LinkedIn

o  Your little black book

·      Speak with your references

So a little bit on each of the above

Passport and qualifications:

Very simple here, just dig these out, get copies and along with the originals put them all together so when you are asked to produce these you have everything ready and on hand.


I wrote recently a blog of 2000+ words just on CVs feel free to have a look over this here or you can see it under my website have a look under the Blog tab. Remember a couple of key things, update contact details, update any roles since you last wrote one. Remember your audience! 


Since its launch in May 2003 LinkedIn is a business and employment service. It is a proven tool for organisations and hiring managers who want to find there next team member. A couple of things to consider here. 

·      Does your professional profile reflect you? 

·      Is it up to date?

·      Does it have your contact details on it?

·      How are you using? 

o  remember LinkedIn is not Facebook, twitter or Instagram. 

Your little “black book”

With the advancement of technology your little “black book” may well now be your smart phone or your contacts….what ever or where ever it is put it to work. Make contact with relevant people! people who can and want to help you. In your career you may have worked with people who have since moved into other organisations, are you in contact with them? What is going on in there workd or company? How might your skills fit with them? Are you letting them know you are looking for your next role due to redundancy, restructure or loss of job? 

Speak with your References

I feel it is always nice to give your references a heads up of what is going on with you and if they would mind being a referee should AND WHEN the need arise. They may be aware of possible opportunities that are coming up! 

As mentioned earlier only you will know yourself when you are ready to “get back on the horse” you will know when it’s time to speak to organisations, to search firms to mates, to ex-work colleagues etc. 

The future depends on what steps you take today” Mahatma Gandhi

I spoke at the very beginning that it is never nice going thru redundancy, restructures or job losses, if I can be of any service to you then get in touch. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read todays blog, I hope it has allowed you to “think a bit differently” 

Look after yourself and each other,



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