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by | Nov 2, 2020


Who hasn’t or who doesn’t know someone who has been made redundant? All around the world we see and hear organisations laying people off, reshaping and resizing for the future. If you have been affected by loss of job then todays career pod/blog is for you.

Welcome to today’s career pod/blog from Roud Career Coaching

For anyone who has faced redundancy its a hard pill to swallow, but I want to bring a bit of reality and insight into how you can come out of what seems a negative and turn this into a positive.

Here are some findings from working with a number of organisations and individuals over the past 6 months and my advice to really put focus on you.

  1. Its Not Your Fault

    That’s right, over the course of peoples careers things are going to change and we are not always going to be in control of the outcome. We may well be made redundant. The one golden rule to think about is not to blame anyone. There are decisions that organisations need to make, good and not so good but they have to be made and as leaders of organisations they want to ensure the longevity of the company. My advice would be to see if you can arrange a couple of meetings with people you respect in the company, find out if their is any support for you to ensure you are asking them a couple of pointed questions

    1. What would you say are my strengths

    2. How would you describe me to someone who has never meet me before

    3. What things might I look to develop on

  2. Get Positive – Write It Down

    Creating a daily habit is something I ask many of my coaching clients to do. At the end of ever single day for a week / or better still for 2 weeks – grab a pen and journal book (get away from technology for this) and simply right down 1 thing you are proud of from that day. It could be heading out the door for a walk, speaking to a friend, making a beautiful meal. I am encouraging you to start to re build the positive spirit and by writing things down and then re-looking at those positive daily events at the end of the week will set yourself up for strength from within.

  3. Ask For Help

    This is something we can all continue to work on, asking for help. It is not a sign of weakness – rather a show of strength and I applaud those of us who seek help from others. Speak to friends, family and work colleagues – ask them to describe you and your strengths. I’d encourage you to write down what you hear and then look back on these, do they resonate with you, are they on your CV and LinkedIn profile? Go and have career chats with people you have worked with and for – be brave, listen and then take the time to digest that information.

  4. Run Your Own Race

    I love this saying ‘I do me – you do you’……….We are all uniquely individual so why then would we copy or follow someone else career! In our careers we may well have 5-8 different jobs and this may continue to evolve. When we are made redundant it is a great time to really spend the time to look at your own race and what it is you actually want and need to do. Experiment, try and don’t be to hasty to give up on your own ambitions.

  5. Invest In Yourself

    During the time to find a new position, start a new business or take on some voluntary work, you might want to spend some time on your own development. This can take so many different avenues and help you grow and develop, sign up to a program – a course or even go and speak to a person who is seen as a guru in the place you might be interested in, have a chat, ask for help – people are more than willing to help if you ask.

  6. Put Time Into Your Day

    As humans we are all creatures of habit. When we lose a job that routine may get out of whack, my advice is to aim to have a routine, what ever that looks like make sure it works for you and you allow yourself to not be pressured into certain actions. Building time for you to work on you is a vital way of growing out of redundancy. Find a quiet spot in the house or if you are able to find your local library to have some quiet time away from the hustle and bustle of our homes.

I hope the information in our career blog today is of help, if you are looking for a professional career coach to work with then I would welcome the initial chat. You are not alone.

Have a productive week, keep positive and keep doing you!

Look after yourself and each other

Nick x

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