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by | May 10, 2020

Everybody gets knocked down, You become stronger every time you lift yourself back up.

Having spent the past 5 weeks personally coaching a number of professionals who have been affected by situations outside any of our controls, this wonderful saying really does sum up the mood of many. The very essence of how you take the opportunity that lies ahead of you is far greater than any of us can image.

So many organisations have been born during times of trouble. So many individuals have been forced into places they never wanted to be in, new opportunities take courage to find. When our backs are against the wall there are many things we could do, my advise is to surround yourself with people who care, people who want the very best for you and who can support you to achieve.

Allow yourself the time to think, and pause. Nothing has to be sped up, nothing needs to be force. Getting yourself mentally fit is one of the best starting points.

We are in a time that has stoped us being the very thing that makes us human and that is ‘contact’, hand shakes, cuddles, high 5s etc. We have all been asked to stay in our bubble and to stop all forms of physical contact.

My title for todays blog came from a recent book I have been reading where in it there was a great deal of discussion around the very nature of board rooms being described as a contact sport. Having spent a few years observing clients in board rooms I liken a board room to the wonderful game of chess. Leaders regularly describe to me the feelings they face; getting hit from all sides, not being in deep control of everything, blindsided by situations, not having all the answers or even being concrete on what the future looks like.

Does some of those sound familiar to our careers?

The one thing I have learnt from so many wonderful clients over many years of helping professionals in their leadership and careers is that you don’t necessary need to wear complete body armer protection to excel but it is important to choose a few specific key things to wear.

One of the most critical aspects to consider isn’t necessary a piece of body armer, it is in fact the ability to be vulnerable truly vulnerable and this may well bring the clearest clarity to you. Today we all face our own challenges and with these challenges comes opportunities.

On a call recently with a brilliant lady who had been with her company for nearly two decades, she had grown, learnt and given so much but had recently been told her position was to be made redundant. After our first chat we both agreed that this was such a fantastic opportunity for her, not just reinvent herself (a word I don’t like using) but more importantly a golden opportunity to establish her next chapter. We put plans in place and after reflecting on the news is now focussing on herself. Which I just love.

Who would have predicted the situation the global work force see themselves in today. Millions of professionals around the world have lost their job. Pressure has mounted on business leaders across all sectors and of all size organisations to look at the future workforce and it times like these that leaders are being tested by situations completely out of their control.

Coaching around your career is helping many navigate themselves as well as putting in place some key protective gear to wear. Its not a time to do many things but to distilled things down to a few specifics. As I say to all my clients you are unique and this is what we focus on. Here is a link to my career coaching page.

When it comes to coaching around your career I help you

  • get clarity on your talents and gifts

  • find creative new ways to think about your future work

  • take stock of your fears

  • articulate (you)

  • make your best decisions that have been thought through with a robust plan

Over time I have created a couple of things that during your career are a real help, specific focused tools that allow you to get clarity.

So as we wrap up today’s career blog I’d urge you not to be afraid of a contact sport, get the right protection gear on and step forwards. Your greatest opportunity isn’t what went before but what lies ahead!

Look after yourself and each other


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