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by | Oct 5, 2020

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening wherever you are in the world, welcome into today’s career blog from Roud Career Coaching. 

Spring is well and truly playing its part here in New Zealand and just like the seasons change so do our careers, and 2020 is certainly creating opportunities around change for many people around the world. But what does it take to make exploring and applying for jobs a success? 

Since January we have seen a big spike in individual coaching engagements specifically around job searching here at Roud Career Coaching. I have worked with hundreds of professionals who had found themselves in the lonely place of exploring and applying for positions, getting frustrated with the process and being rejected with little or no feedback.

If you are one of those individuals that are effected by recent changes then my heart goes out to you, if I can be of any service or support then please do reach out and let’s see if together we can’t get things working better for you. You are not alone. 

It’s fair to say that many of us will experience change at some time or other in our careers. We may have a family member, friend or work mate that is in a really different place than a few months or even weeks ago and in my coaching business I am hearing firsthand that people need to move smartly and quickly when change happens. 

Change comes unannounced and to many not at all welcomed. I’d encourange you to embrace this and really focus on what is possible rather that feeling that you have no options. The answer is we all have options we just need to work out what they may look like to you. 

If you have never had to explore or apply for a job and you get the opportunity to be of help to anyone just spend some time with them and lend an ear. Sometimes it’s not that the person wants or needs answers but just to voice their thoughts. 

When change effects our careers please remember that there are some things we can do, and the good news is you will find something that works for you and your situation.

Welcome into todays career blog

Exploring and Applying for A Job!

To those of you around the world who are thinking about a career move, or you may be thinking about applying for a new position, or have unfortunately been made redundant, if you find yourself worried about your current work environment then let’s see if we can’t help in some way. 

Your Options?

I love that word, Options. I coached a CEO last year who had so many options in front of her but was fixated on just the title not how this related to her but just the title. If we can all take the title away when exploring our options, I truly believe you may start to see more options available to you and this will lead into a positive state of mind that will lead to focus and results.  

What are your options right now? Think about this before heading on in our blog today.

Have a really hard look at this right now and as you carry on reading todays career blog start to allow yourself to step outside of the traditional thought and with that in mind try and stop thinking just about the title of the job.

We all know that many job titles that are around in 2020 had not even been thought of in 2010. Things change, skills that might have been needed 10 years ago may well be different to the skills needed now and in 10 years from now. This is why I feel at the exploration stage we should take out the title and focus on the day to day stuff.  

Those of us affected need to ensure we are moving forwards, I truly believe that it is vital to stop and get clarity rather that to try and rush around getting nowhere fast. Sometimes when coaching professionals in their careers all it takes is a slight small tweak to create the most impact on the outcome.

Don’t think for one minute we must constantly look to reinvent the wheel. We are also not talking here about pushing everything up in the air and seeing what lands first, we are very much ‘trusting the process’ and ensuring what we do is taking us that little bit closer to #1___________________(fill in the blank)

When we are establishing options another way to consider this is to become an ‘explorer’. The word explore means travel through an unfamiliar area to learn about it!

I love that thought, unfamiliar area to learn about it, how can we possible know that a certain job is not for us if we are not willing to explore what it is and more importantly what would be involved in the job.

So what are the some things an explorer would do before they set sail on the next endeavour?  Try making a list of things you feel you must do right now (today-not tomorrow)?

Explore (to do)








Don’t try to be to specific here but keep in mind what you filled in above #1

Ok, let’s now bring that big elephant in the room shall we!


Applying for a job at any time no matter what is going on, can be a mind-field. Don’t be tricked into thinking it is easy or even a simple process because it is not. The golden rule here is don’t put all your eggs in one basket, things are changing at rapid pace and its vital to keep across all your options.  I heard from a client recently who had landed an interview, successfully got down to the last 2 only for the job to be pulled. You can imagine just how frustrating this would have been and she passed up an opportunity elsewhere!

I’ve been researching this very topic with thousands of professionals over the years and each time I ask a very pointed question. 

‘What is your natural approach to applying for a job?’

You may well be very surprised with the common response that people share back to me, so here it is. 


“Nick, I look on job boards and apply for jobs”! 


There you go……..that is the common response no thesis needed to understand that response.  

What is that response telling you? How does that make you feel right now and more importantly are you in that group of professionals doing exactly that, looking at job boards and just applying?

Chances are this may well work but in hearing from hundreds of clients here at Roud Career Coaching that simple is not working. A few years back it was quoted in Forbes that 80% of jobs do not even hit job boards. That means only 20% of positions go onto job boards. Does this therefore mean you are only scratching the surface for your job search and if so what results are likely to really happen? 

I wrote in a recent career blog Let’s Talk & Learn About Rejection that the average number of applicants to a single job being 250+ and the average people interviewed 5-7 and only 1 person getting the job. If we continue to therefore put the above stat that only 20% of positions go onto job boards I would like us to start considering The Tortoise & The Hare when it comes to applying for positions and to break the rules that so many people fall into the trap of.

2020 has shown us all one thing that we need to look at things very differently to how we would have done in the past! I fully respect and appreciate that there is a need to get out to work but trust me when I say those who take a moment to think things through – stick to the process and then act have a far greater success rate that those who simple apply to as many relevant positions as possible.  

Be On Control!

That’s right I don’t want you to be in control but on control, one of my goals as a coach is for you to win and to get the results you deserve. Its a shameless quest of mine and that is to see my clients improve and win.

When coaching business owners we spend 99% of our time working (on) their business and not (in) their business. It would be foolish of me to treat you in any other way, I’d encourage you therefore to step back and step out of the day to day things and start to be focusing on your career and make this your full time job over the coming months. 

Here are some things that I ask my clients to stop trying to control.

  1. We cannot control what the organisation needs!

  2. We cannot control if the hiring manage will like us!

  3. We will never be able to read their minds so allow yourself to be confident in who you are and what you bring

  4. Has the hiring team already highlighted an individual from within the organisation who they feel is the right guy/girl for the role

  5. How will your CV be reviewed (by a human or by a machine)

Here are some things we can be on control of

1) What we apply for – getting focused and clear.

2) How our CV or Video is presented. Being real and authentic that represents who you are and what you bring is all I ask here.

3) Our confidence – allowing nerves in is totally fine but don’t let them rule you!

4) Our mood

So much of exploring and applying for a job can go to plan, we don’t simply need to just hit send! Put the ground work in today and this will pay dividends to your success. Many people around the world will not be (on) control and will therefore be simply spinning so many plates. 

Some other areas to really consider whilst exploring – these includes,

  • being calm,

  • methodical,

  • systems,

  • focused mindset.

What are the thing you are doing with those (we will have more blogs in these over the coming months)

For purpose of today’s blog I would encourage and urge you to stay focused on

·      Trusting yourself

·      Your plan – keep it specific

·      Don’t be put off with knock backs (learn from them) / try and seek feedback where ever possible

·      Remain diligent & focused

  • Put time into each day to work on yourself, by this I don’t mean just spend time on job boards looking out for the dream position to come up (more on this later)

·      If you don’t have an end in mind simply start doing very small things.

2020 has been one of those years – Mindset is really key right now, I am not qualified in any way to speak about mental health so these are just some of my personal thoughts, there are some brilliant qualified professionals around the world who are trained to help you, if you need any contacts then let me know and I will do my best to put you in touch with the right people.

To me, some days I feel on top of the world and others I feel nothing I do is working. Having great supportive people around me – trusted individuals who I can share my thoughts ideas with and whose opinion is respected really does help.

Seek A Mentor

If you are looking at finding a mentor we have just set up here at Roud Career Coaching a qualified list of mentors gathered from all around the world, we will have this all set up over the coming weeks for those who may well be sitting their thinking it would be helpful to have a mentor. I will get more information out on our website and weekly blog soon but if you are keen to find a mentor reach out to me and lets see how we can help nick@roudcareers.co.nz subject Mentor

Set Standards

What I have noticed with clients of mine who get results is they allow themselves to set standards. They are not afraid to set boundaries and I would also encourage you to do so these might be things to get you started

  • Work out your non-negotiables things that may impact your

    • Your lifestyle

    • Your family or self commitments

    • Your financial commitments (what is need)

    • Your ongoing development

    • Your location 

These will dictate what options might be available to you. If you have kids in a certain school or you are studying – do you really want to relocate to a different town or city? If you are committed to your learning do you want to take on a position that is not flexible and will see you working 24/7?

Open Up Your Thoughts

It’s fair to say we all know what we know. Some of our best and most life changing moments happen when we meet people and have a conversation with them, so when thinking about this and during your ‘exploring stage’ of your job search reach out to people who might be able to share good insight into certain positions or jobs (remember their is more to meet the eye than just the title). All we are doing here is simply going and having a chat with people. Find out about organisations, the culture etc. Don’t just rely on hear say! Cultures change over time in organisations – just because 10 years ago a culture was (x) doesn’t mean that culture is still (x) leaders change and this normally brings new ways – new ideas and – new cultures. Try and find connections with organisations.


Remember that system you built, now is the time to make use of it, make sure you are referring back to it every couple of days to see where things are, who have you applied to – who have you spoken with and need to follow up with. DON’T WAIT for action make it work for you. Be professional – be respectful but don’t leave things to others.

If you are asked to send a video which is becoming more apparent we offer video coaching sessions to prepare you for this but here are some pointers

  • don’t panic its not a fashion show or model contest (I have a face for radio and always very worried about my squint when it comes to video but we just need to pull our big boy/girl pants up and do it

  • check your background, sound quality, and connection links before you record

  • practice (just like going to an interview but don’t over practice)

  • have fun above all people just want to see the human side to you

Finally don’t be afraid or nervous about asking for help ‘doctor google’ can only do so much.

So be it with your career plan, direction, CV, marketing documents, interview confidence what ever it might be, seek out advice and support from a certified coach a person who has the skills, tools and knowledge to be of help. Surround yourself with trusted people those who only want the best for you.

My aim for our weekly leadership & career blogs is to help you improve, if you would like any support, thoughts or want to explore my coaching approch then just call me on +64 21 375 630 or email nick@roudcareers.co.nz

Nick x

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