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by | Oct 18, 2021

Keep Questioning Your Intent!

Careers are not just about climbing the corporate ladder. Manage your career


One of the observations picked up over many years of helping professionals in their careers has been how individuals manage their own career progression/direction.

It’s not a topic you would typically discuss every day but as we head into 2022 it’s very much a focus for so many people around the world right now. Taking stock or as I like to call it Giving Yourself a WOF (Warrant of Fitness) check is a nice place to start. One rule is not to beat yourself up, be reflective on the current situation we face ourselves in.

The word, ‘Luck’ comes up a great deal in our coaching sessions…….. But what does luck actually mean and what does luck look like to you?

I am blessed that we eat three meals a day, we are healthy and we are together as a family. Everything else is secondary.

So what else outside of luck might be important when looking at managing your own professional career?

Let me ask you this question……..

Are you actually doing what you was put on this earth to do?

It’s a simple Yes or No answer…………..if yes nice work a huge congrats to you, my ask is you maybe look to help someone else close to you or in your team that is searching………

If no then let’s get to work………

Professionals engage with me for a variety of reasons and like many, I also spend time to reflect on the year.

Many of my career coaching clients use me as an independent sounding board.

They share with me in confidence their dreams, dreams of starting their own business, quitting their jobs, doing something else, dreams of earning more money, dreams about leaning more, dreams about finding a more fulfilling career the wonderful list goes on……….

Dreams are free and I encourage everyone to dream big but also don’t avoid responsibilities, commitments…….

Many of us have bills to pay, commitments and habits (I use this work lightly, habits are things we need money for)

Sometimes my client and I discuss taking a step back in their career plans, sometimes to really progress can mean the need to step back, we don’t always need to be climbing the ladder to have a beautiful career. I have clients who have taken a huge step back both technically and financially, after a few years they are now ahead of their plan. This is great work and takes a great deal of courage to do.

Think about that for a moment if you are looking at your own career trajectory! What are some of the things I really must develop in order to ‘get ahead’……

I appreciate that many people reading this career blog are visual learners so I created this for your today……………take a look and start to answer yourself as you plan for 2022.

Careers are not straightforward, one-size doesn’t fit all. Take the time to reflect on the year and look at what you really should be and want to be doing in 2022.



Where do you want your career to head in 2022? What do you really want to be doing? How will you get their?

Work with a mentor or coach to really get the answers you deserve.



Yours in coaching

Nick x

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