Find Your Blind Spots by Nick Roud

by | Aug 30, 2021


We don’t often discuss or speak about our blind spots, we tend to hide from them, tuck them neatly away at the back of the cupboard and away from others (and ourselves).

Why do we do this? Might those very same blind spots be the very same things that ignite our true greatness and actually unlock our true authentic leadership potential?

What if we took the time to understand what these actually are? What if we spent the time creating meaningful developments across a couple of those blind spots and then pulled them out from the back of the cupboard. Could we then be on to something special. I believe we could be…………

In the coaching work I do with CEOs and Senior Executives we spend time identifying/discussing, analysing and ultimately ensure you are bring out both your strengths and blind spots.

Leaders who unstandardised their own blind spots and work on them constantly are usually those very same leaders who excel in that role, they are able to lead with empathy, with heart and are capable of really communicating a clear message.

Talk or listen to any leader around the world and you will hear them talk clearly about;

  • the business direction,

  • the business goals,

  • the business objectives.

But many leaders are not connecting to who they are, they are held back because they are not in-tune or in-line with what’s actually going on inside them. Inside they are a mess, they lack self-clarity and they are constantly wearing a mask to show the outside world that they are in control.

Imagine if those same inner-belief systems, those inner drivers where set free and let out!

When the inner voice meets the outer voice then the leader is truly in sync! Nick Roud, executive coach

Inner Voice

Many leaders lack a true deep understand of their inner compass. Great exceptional leaders have and continue to work on their inner focus. They understand what is going on inside and they allow themselves to be themselves. They regularly ask themselves the really hard questions that only when you look in the mirror can you get a true answer. The great leaders of our modern day are not afraid to hold up their hands – share to a few trusted individuals what is really going on and then put plans in place to align themselves to how others are perceiving them.

In our coaching work we use specific leadership assessments that allow you to understand (today) what your inner-voice is saying and with the support of others how you are perceived (the results are transformational)

As leaders we need to get clear clarity on who we are, what are our true strengths and what are our blind spots, How do these shape the leader staring back at us in the mirror?

Without clear clarity we are not being true to ourselves.


only when our inner-voice aligns with our outer-voice can we then be a genuine authentic leader.

only when our inner-voice aligns with our outer-voice can we then be a genuine authentic leader.

Outer Voice

How others perceive you is important. What do they notice that you are not aware of? Gathering people’s insights will allow you to reflect on what your inner voice is doing and what is coming out the other side. Appreciating feedback and acknowledging others insights is not for everyone, many just want to hide those blind spots deep into the cupboard – as a coach working with you we must leave nothing of the table if you are truly get the results you deserve.

An athlete gets regular feedback from his/her coach, that feedback is used by the athlete to improve. As a leader are you utilising a coach to bring that awareness from others into your tool kit?

We all have blind spots but it’s important not to hide from them.

How this impacts the outside world?

In global organisations many people work across different cultures, different belief systems and different ways of operating. If you are aware of your blind spots you are more likely to be able to connect and communicate with others. Constancy as a leader is vital, people appreciate leaders who are genuine (nobody wants to work for a robot, a person just following what the previous leader has said and done), they want to hear your voice. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, allow others to see your naked self. Get emotional, inspire others forwards and keep checking in with your inner-voice as it’s usually the right voice!

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