Let It Go, Nick’s Daily Blog 19th January 2023

by | Jan 19, 2023

Let It Go!

You can’t control many things. What you can control is yourself and how you chose to deal with the said thing/situation/person , etc. I challenged myself recently to simply just ‘let it go’ and without going into too much detail every morning, every lunch time and every evening I would say to myself, ‘Nick, let it go’. Sure their were times when it didn’t work but it was a start and something I will carry on in my 2023 year. I noticed towards the end of the year it was the little things that were really starting to bug me and those little things would reunion my day. So like all good coaches I took some of my own medicine and started to play around with firstly understanding the triggers, situations, people etc that caused this to happen and then speak to my self, let it go, let it go…….’.

As I write today’s daily blog the very thought of letting things go is a great deal easier than a few months back and what I have released is it’s me not the person, situation or thing it’s me who can control the situation and it’s me who ultimately determines the outcome (nobody else). 

So what are some of the triggers which get under your skin? How are you currently dealing with them and what are you doing yourself to control the situation? Over the next few weeks I encourage you to journal/note down when you feel yourself a little bit hot under the collar and notice what has triggered that. When reviewing your notes what themes come out of those observations. Once you have narrowed down the trigger(s) then my friend you can start trying out ways to navigate, control that time. Find the words or thoughts that work for you, I like Let It Go because its simple to understand and what I have noticed in myself is when I say it it makes me smile as I reflect on ‘why am I getting upset with said situation, person or thing’ give it a go and let me know how you go 

Let it go my friend – life is too short and you are better than that! 

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

Nick x 


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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

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