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But I do Nick came the response from a CE in a recent coaching session. She had just been promoted up into her first CE gig and was at a bit of a cross-roads. Where as before she could turn to her CE and talk now she was on her own. It was her decision that would be heard and the spotlight had certainly been turned up a notch of four. 

We spoke about decision making an area which had shown up in her 360 as an area to take a look at. She was reluctant to take action on certain aspects and whilst she was hugely respected by her people they wanted firm clear and decisive ‘action’ from her. Now this was going to be more exposed than ever before and she wanted to have all the answers.

This in the coaching work isn’t as common as you might expect. Great leaders who I have the pleasure and privilege of coaching get very comfortable saying I don’t know. They know where they can truly add value and when to step back. This should be no different when in your CE role. What got you here will get you there! 

None of us are born with all the answers, the curious ones prevail, they know when and how to pick up the phone and they have the confidence to admit when they are out of their own depth. As a CE no matter if it’s your first rodeo or your 8th you don’t need to have all the answers but you have to find the solutions with your people (internally and or externally)Don’t try and bullshit your way through, raise a hand ask for help and you will be amazed with the outcomes!  

If you see others struggling with finding the answers support, help and guide them towards the solution. Leadership is a two way street, let’s not forget that team! 

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

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Nick Roud

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