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THE MODERN DAY LEADERS VOCABULARY    |  Nick’s Daily Blog | 11th April 2023. 

Like many aspects of our lives, the leaders vocabulary has also changed. Have you ever witnessed first hand a leaders use of words. What are you noticing about how they speak to you in your one-on-one, team meetings or when they address the entire organisation. How does that leader make you feel? Loved, Important, Wanted, Special, Needed, Encouraged! Or do they make you feel Scared, Nervous, Overlooked, Un-important, Demotivated. I know the leaders who we coach here at Nick Roud Coaching and it’s certainly not the latter. 

A leadership coach brings the very best out in you (period).

A modern leader is a person who can and does connect with his/her people. They speak simple language that is far away from industry lingo, they speak from the heart, they speak with passion, courage and are ok showing emotions. The modern leader is above all capable and effective when reading the room.  They can moderate their language to fit the situation, from Board room to factory floor the modern day leader is exactly the same. Have you heard the saying ‘what you see is what you get? Those modern leaders are not capable of reframing from hiding behind a mask, they are themselves and they are genuine to both those they meet and those they speak with. It is a real art but not hard to dust of that mask. Many executives, leaders and managers fall into the trap of rinse and repeat, copy what others have done and hold back from being themselves. 

In my modern day coaching work I don’t care for you being someone else, I care deeply about you being you. You taking the necessary steps forwards to getting comfortable with being yourself after all the only person really looking back at you in the mirror is you. 

A great coach will hold up the mirror and speak the truth!

There are two key aims when that a leader must install. For it is the leader who is unclear in his/her language that will soon be asked to move on

The first is to be ensure a safety net surrounds those being spoken to. Without safety the leader will not harness an effective outcome.

The second is to ensure people are on the bus, can and will take ownership and be ok making mistakes. 

During my leadership coaching work with CEO’s, executives, heads of departments here are a few themes that earn both trust, motivate, and encourage a one-team approach. 

  1. What Do You Think?
  • A high performing team and will have one voice, that voice is a collection of thoughts not one person’s singular view. Leaders who ask what do you think not only encourage thoughts but also disagreement. We don’t need or want elephants in the room we need honestly, integrity and trust. Having a group of ‘yes’ people is not what a modern day leader needs. Encouraging voices to be heard especially from the quiet ones will not only deliver outcomes but also bring a close nit team of people who feel valued and listened to. 
  1. Thank You!
  • Two words that will change the game. Thank You. Today, how often do we say thank you? To our partner, to our kids, to our mates to those people who we serve. If yo are proud, frustrated and or somewhere in between the two words thank you will go a long way. Thank you is one of the most powerful words if done authentically that will put a spring in someones step. Leadership is about acknowledging others (not ourselves) Leadership today is all about shining the spot light on someone else not ourselves so in the appreciation to you reading today’s blog, to those of you who have stepped into the global offices *aka the 20ft shipping container, to those who have partnered me in my ongoing quest on all things leadership ‘thank-you’ Knowing when to say thank you is the vital key.  Harness this and see a positive change to yourself and those around you. 
  1. You OK?
  • Enough said, ask it, check in and then shut up and listen. Don’t project, Don’t try to fix just be present FULLY present and listen. 
  1. I appreciate You
  • Effective leaders show gratitude to those they serve. They don’t take the spotlight from others, they don’t take the glory from another person’s thought, the show deep gratitude to another person who is really stepping up/showing up. I appreciate you allows the other person to feel valued, loved and wanted. 
  1. Don’t fuck it up (thank you coach Bill Campbell for this one)
  • Well I have heard it in many a board room, in team meetings and I am ok using it here in my coaching business, it’s simple, clear and ensures the person understands the expectations. Coach Campbell a man who I would have loved to have spent time with nailed this one from locker room to board room, I laugh when I hear it now as it brings me right alongside Bill as he shared his thought. So Don’t Fuck It Up allows the other person the ownership and clarity to go for it. 
  1. I have your back
  • Trust is the backbone of any team. We may go though times of disagreement and or agreement but when we leave that meeting and or board room a leader has got to have the back of his/her people. They must encourage mistakes to happen and for individuals to try out new behaviours, thoughts. Supportive leadership and integrity is a must for any leader to have.
  1. What’s Stopping You?
  • Leaders who have build trust, shared thought vision and expectations must regularly check in with their people to see how things are progressing. One-on-one’s are vital. Having a clear line of communication and trust that is supportive should therefore allow the 3 words to be asked, what’s stopping you? This allows the other person to share what might be the elephant in the room and together you can then get to work. What hold’s many of us back is confidence. Leaders who encourages confidence in others will notice fare greater outcomes than they could ever imagined if they had done something themselves. Building others confidence is a true leadership gift. Hold others up and allow them to safely work things through. 

There could have been so many more to add to today’s effective leadership blog and I know we will all have our 7 thoughts, here’s mine.

I hope it allows you to step forwards in your own leadership authentically and as yourself. The world needs more leaders being themselves.


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