What Every Organisation Should Know About Outplacement Support

by | Aug 28, 2023

What Every Organisation Should Know About Outplacement Support

Redundancy is never going to be easy regardless of which side of the coin you sit, the organisation or the employee. Managing the process and emotions well can make a lasting impact on the reputation for all concerned. This is where Outplacement support with Nick Roud Coaching comes in.

What is Outplacement Support

Structured coaching support for those effected buy change. Giving people the tools, skills and knowledge to step out of one organisation with a plan. 

Hopefully today we as a society put more focus on treating people well. Gone are the days of a box left on your desk with a note to clear out your desk immediately and leave by the back door. Even still I am hearing some dreadful ways that professionals are being handled during a restructure and the damage it is causing for the employee and that of the organisations brand. 

Outplacement support can be anything from building personal pride and confidence, helping write a CV, getting prepared for an interview, creating a roadmap of your career options, understanding what are your unique strengths that you bring to a new organisation etc. 

What are the business benefits

Offering outplacement services is not just the right thing to do its the responsibility of the Board and executive team to protect the brand of the organisation for the longterm wellbeing of attracting talent to the company. Should the poor treatment of staff get out then the message will be loud and clear do not work for ……… company they do not look after their people. 

With the enormous pressure placed organisations to attract future talent, it pays now to get outplacement done correctly. An employee leaving today might well be an employee of the future! Will that person want to return to an organisation or a hiring manger if they have been treated badly during a restructure? 

What are the employees benefits

Change is never great, losing your income has more impacts than just the dollar figure. It impacts families, relationships etc. Having up to date tools, insights that are working will help an employee into a new role and hopefully mitigate any lengthy period out of work. Keeping things in plain language and jargon free are essential to an individual. Being realistic and pragmatic on what must be done will allow that person the time to not only comes to terms with redundancy but more importantly have a plan. 

Can it be done well?

It is never going to be perfect when dealing with emotions. If done well Outplacement can improve your brand image and future attractiveness of people to the organisation. Having Outplacement support in place, an external coach to personally support each effective person will go a long way to ensuring both sides part ways on good terms.  It is important to take the pressure of the leader and or manager, they will have enough to do with the reduction of staff. Passing this to an external organisation Nick Roud Coaching will ensure staff are being well looked after. 

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