One on One with Gerry Lynch, CEO of Delmaine Fine Foods on The Nick Roud Podcast

by | Aug 12, 2018

Just a few areas we discuss today on The Nick Roud Podcast, journey from University to the CEO of one of New Zealand’s most well know organisations Delmaine Fine Foods. We go deep around, spending time with your people – working with your leadership team – understanding your inner-core values, developing, finding and getting comfy with your values – winning (but not at any expense) – how to focus in on just a few key things.

We also discuss leaving a global company Mars, having spent many years as the Managing Director and the emotions involved.

So much great content today and I truly hope you find it insightful, interesting and helps you in your own quest.

So you are sitting as a CEO of one of New Zealand most well know FMCG organisations and you have only just taken on this position a few months ago. What do you think are some of the thoughts that go thru a persons mind when moving from one organisation to another? How do you leave the past behind you and look to make the very best of a new opportunity! Today along with my special guest Gerry Lynch – CEO of Delmaine Fine Foods we explore and go deep on a number of areas, not least the first 3 months of being a CEO in a new role, working with a new Board, a new leadership team a new wider company and what are the things that Gerry is doing and has done in this short period of time. 

Sometime in life we get to meet people who really do care and in our conversation today I saw what this really meant from Gerry himself, you only need to spend a few mins with Gerry to see the passion and desire to make a difference. 

Thank you so very much Gerry for taking the time and really parting your knowledge.  

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