One on One with John Mattone, former coach to Steve Jobs and #1 executive coach in the world on The Nick Roud Podcast

by | Jan 9, 2019

John Mattone, CEO & President – Former coach to Steve Jobs, Best selling author and number 1 executive coach in the world.

Today John and I discuss the essence of leadership and the potential in us all

In my humble opinion, John Mattone ( isn’t just the #1 executive coach in the world or best selling author, he has created a genuine program and methodology that will help leaders be who they truly (can be), thus, helping themselves, their stakeholders, the people they serve be even greater.

Today, John joins me to kick off 2019. This is John’s very first appliance on The Nick Roud Podcast and we have a truly amazing conversation that will really make you thing about leadership! There is a huge void in this space locally and globally, we will leave you with some thoughts that we hope will ignite your inner voice.

John is a global executive coach, former coach to Steve Jobs and has been voted #1 executive coach globally alongside Tony Robbins and Marshall Goldsmith.

Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching is about you

  • igniting your inner core to better drive your outer core

  • living the values that will bring abundance to the world

  • building stronger relationships, better engagement and create a culture you and your organisations can be extremely proud of

Everyone sees your outer-core but very few leaders today can be courageous to look deep inside.

Intelligent Leadership (IL) Executive Coaching is aimed at any leader who is authentically passionate about becoming a better leader and a better person

  • Senior Executives

  • C-Level

  • VPs

  • Directors

  • High Potential in emerging leaders

Discover your strengths and possible roadblocks.

It’s 2019. It is time to stop being something you are not, stop hiding and start to be the leader you can be.

Its time to understand yourself.

Really hop you enjoy what John and I are sharing with you, are you ready to be coach? If so get in touch with me.

Look after yourself


Nick Roud – CEO & Executive Coach

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Show Notes:

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