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by | Mar 23, 2020

an attitude towards service, an attitude towards helping others succeed, an attitude to making key decisions are what I see in exceptional ‘authentic’ leaders.
— Nick Roud, Master Certified Executive Coach

As an executive coach working first hand with truly exceptional leaders every day you soon get to see common trends. It’s no surprise therefore that right now every single one of us around the world will see first hand the enormous effort that not only our leaders are putting in, but each and every one of us, from medical professionals, supermarket workers, growers & produces of food, truck drivers etc.

It goes without saying that we all share to them a huge enormous gratitude to each and every one of them and its so evident that its whole heartedly our ‘attitude’ that is at the core of us all.

Welcome family to today’s leadership and career blog, I hope you and your loved ones are healthy and listening to your governments and health professionals.

Before we dig into today’s blog, let’s understand what is ‘attitude’ and how are you using your own attitude to impact on those around you right now?

But what does Attitude mean?

Attitude – ‘a settled way of thinking or feeling about something’

I love that, a settled way of thinking or feeling.

Who do you know that demonstrates this every single day, remember that person is a human just the same as you and me! Sure there are going to be days that test even the very best but allowing yourself to be settled is extremely important don’t you think. We can control only what we can control.

We all understand the enormous global effort that is right before us, we all have family, loved ones, friends, work colleagues that will have their own take on the current situation but I urge us all to ensure we are listening to our governments and health professionals and push aside ‘gossip’.

Yesterday (23rd March 2020 NZ time) following a couple of really deep and meaningful coaching sessions with 3 of my wonderful clients, I watch our prime minister & finance minister address our country, our people.

Whilst this is NOT a political blog (nor will it ever be) I sat back and thought – how extremely well they are doing, they both stood up and led from the front. This is no different to any of our business leaders, health leaders, education leaders etc. Time now to show great leadership!

Whether you agree or disagree with there message they made a call and to me that is half the battle about leadership (you are going to need to make a call, one way or other, sometimes you will not please all but your job is to make that call. To be very honest with you I bet neither of them signed up for what they needed to do yesterday but with the relevant information decisions are made!

So how does this relate back to attitude – well if we look back at the very meaning of ‘attitude’ a settled way of thinking or feeling what are you doing right now to demonstrate that. There is no need to run around like headless chickens, nor is their any reason why you cannot step up and lead, in many of my leadership blogs I write that leadership is not the title you are given but the actions you take!!

Leaders across all corners of our world are needing to make some of the toughest and hardest decisions that they have ‘ever’ had to make. During my recent coaching sessions 95% of the time has been discussing the ‘people’ side of things, more than anything else. None of us have all the answers, none of us have a silver bullet but its that ‘calm, settled disposition that will go a long way as we all navigate through the forest. And, as we come through this (and we will), and out the other side its going to be very much about these few words………

People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, BUT people will never forget how you made them ‘feel’.

Please remember that as we move through these challenging times.

So what are some of the key things that leaders bring when we look at their attitude? I have a short list below and this is not limited but just some top of mind thoughts.

Many of us are now set up and working from home I hope you are managing to ensure you are being productive and not getting to frustrated with technology, embrace it – there are plenty of learning to be found on various sites…..

As leaders / managers of teams no matter the size you will be regularly checking in with your teams, your customers, your suppliers and families via technology and whilst technology may feel like a barrier to human connection please allow yourself to bring a healthy ‘attitude’ to the time you share online with each other.

These are some of the key things to have in the back of your mind when you jump onto a video call (or even when at home with loved ones!!)

  • empathy

  • calmness

  • eye contact

  • engagement

  • simple language

  • constancy

  • genuine care/intent nothing more nothing less

  • allowing others to share views & input (remember its sometimes the quietest person who has the best ideas!)

  • leaders ‘speak last’

Business Leaders are working from home and whether you lead the largest listed business or the smallest start up these are some things to think about as you establish your daily working from home plan.

  • Set clear boundaries

  • eat healthy, drink plenty of water

  • you dont need to work 24/7 but let others know when you are working

  • spend time with kids if you have them and pets if you have them

  • be kind to each other NO MATTER WHAT!

  • don’t be afraid to set up mini groups and take turns setting this up so it doesn’t fall on one person,

  • don’t be afraid to ask for help,

  • don’t be afraid to push the meeting agenda out for 20mins whilst you all just check in with each other “how are you doing” “can I help”

  • get in some exercise be it a walk up and down stairs, press up, sit ups, (remember back to your school days and gym class!!!! that should help)

  • any other suggestions please share in the comments below (all ideas are good ideas)…..

  • spend time off technology, find some music, art, books, baking, be creative and allow yourself to breath.

When you are looking at yourself and thinking about your own attitude don’t beat yourself up, you don’t need to be perfect, we all have daily thoughts, ideas, concerns and this is absolutely fine.

I hope todays blog is of help and support.

Here’s to #nocovid-19 (together we can do this xx)

Look after yourself and each other,


Nick Roud – Master Certified Executive Coach



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