Episode 20, The Nick Roud Podcast with CEO and Founder of LevellingUp, Mike de Boer

by | Apr 7, 2020

Mike de Boer is changing the world and through his business LevellingUp the world of education & learning has changed.

So how has a business located in Alberta, Canada change the world and what is LevelingUp doing that is making such an impact on the world?

Years of seeing people struggle with inexperience and isolation caused by our technology – saturated culture sparked my guest Mike’s passion for changing the world one person at a time. After successfully leading teams of 100+ people, executing projects worth $250M+ leading several organisation mergers, Mike left behind his career in oil & gas (executive-level management) to pursue his vision to restore an ethos of ‘people helping people’.

For those who have known me long enough you will appreciate that everything I do is to help you ‘improve’ so why wouldn’t we want Mike, his wisdom, his passion and his business on The Nick Roud Podcast!

As a life-long student of leadership best practice, Mike is known as a leader who is empowering effective engaged and possessing the highest integrity.

Our conversation is one that gives me immense pleasure to share with you all today where ever you are in the world.

Today we unpack all of it. Life before LevellingUP, his global plan to help millions and millions of people and why now is the time to really push the boundaries. We speak about getting made redundant – how helpful a coach was to him and so much more.

I hope you get to know Mike and agree that what he and his team are doing is truly exceptional.

As an executive coach I am so proud to be part of LevellingUp and being one of his ‘Sage’ (dont worry listen to the podcast and all will become clear…….

— Mike de Boer, CEO & Founder of LevellingUp

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Thank you all so very much for taking the time out of your day to listen into our podcast today. We hope it inspires you onto great things.

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As we end our podcast today, please do look after yourself and your loved ones, keep listening to your governments and health professionals and we can and we will all get through this.

Look after yourself and each other,

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