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by | Mar 20, 2021


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Matt Young CEO of Quality Sport Hub

It is the challenge adversary & victory process that really defines who you really are!
— Matt Young

Trade Taking for Giving, Trade Habits for Actions, Enough Talking! How can each give and Inspire others around the world……….

Meet Matt Young

We need to stop talking and start doing! I love this about Matt, he is a man of action!

Sports is to many of us such an integral part of our DNA, just look at what happened here in New Zealand the other day, Team NZ won the America’s cup a huge congratulations to the team and every single person that went into shaping and making it a success (you did your country proud). 

Speaking with those sailors it all started with simply playing and having fun with their mates. I just love how sports no matter in what format brings people, families, communities, countries together. 

Matt Young to those who are not familiar with his work is the CEO of Quality Sport Hub in Canada. He has raised millions for charities, traversed the world engaging with Sport Agencies and Communities. Shares his systems, tools and how grass-root sport can continue to allow our children’s children a place to excel in. Here is a short snippet of his career

  • Business:

    • Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year finalist

    • Business in Vancouver Top 40 Under 40 Winner

    • Canada’s Top under 40 40 Winner

    • Author & co/author of 7 published books

    • Founder of many kids/health/fitness communities

    • TedX speaker

    • Executive Producer on a number of documentaries

    • Advisor to Canadian Sport for Life Physical Literacy Board

  • Charity

    • Raise over $6m for charities

    • Founder of coast to coast charity rides across Canada

    • Founder of train-the-trainer concept

  • Athletic

    • Guinness World record holder – fastest bike relay across Canada

    • Australia Bike relay Cairns to Melbourne in 8 days

    • 2x Ironman finisher

    • 10x marathon finisher including the Sahara Desert

    • Climbed Kilimanjaro, Mt Ranier & Machu Picchu Summit

In our conversation Matt shares so much from growing up in Canada, finding out on the playground that he was adopted, bullied, abused, threated with his life and called the N word. All this before he hits his teens! No wonder that Matt doubled down with his life, and from a young age decided to give back. After some challenging conversations with a college teacher Matt was encouraged not to throw his life away. Many years later Matt is still in touch yearly with that guy sharing with him the good ‘we’ have done. Everything about Matt as you will hear is about ‘the team’ and I just love this about him.

Matt shares how through sport his life started to make sense. How he and his team travel the globe talking with big sport agencies about how his business is enabling so many levels of sport. He and his team recently got a call from the US PGA tour.

Matt’s work is making a difference. I’d encourage you to reach out to him and find out more about his business.

If nothing else we sincerely hope this starts a conversation going! That it gets governments around the world sharing and helping each other, that sports agencies in what ever sport look at ways to grow/enable our grass root sports and as parents we continue to encourage our kids to take part in team sports!

It’s up to each and every one of us to think differently when it comes to sport from the pinnacle of the Olympics to our local grass root kids sports. “enough talking” lets take action.

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Enjoy, look after yourself and each other

Nick x

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