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written by Nick Roud, Global Award Winning Executive Leadership Coach & Founder of Nick Roud Coaching/Roud Career Coaching.

It’s in your hands, to make a better world for all who live in it

Nelson Mandela

One of the very first questions I ask clients who work with me on their leadership development is this.

“Do you love your work?”

I then listen, listen intently and observe the response and reaction. 

Some look at me very strangely – what is he on?, others laugh at me and then realise its an important questions and one they need to answer. Others deflect and try to talk about what needs to be worked on, but, those who know me or have worked with me as their coach no I won’t let this question go unanswered. 

Pause in your what ever you are doing right now and ask yourself that same question.

“Do I love my work”, notice your response. 

In a recent coaching session with a Chief Information Officer of a large listed New Zealand organisation, I asked her that same question, the response was just refreshing to here. I have never felt such pure emotion running through someones veins as she spoke with pride, with passion, with energy, with excitement, a huge hunger and rush to get to where she wanted her organisation to get to and a pure love for the work she does every day. If only I could have recorded her response it would be sent to every worker in the world. 

In our careers and life we will find days that don’t go to plan, it’s important to reflect on what triggered this, what caused that and how long did that feeling/emotion last for. Likewise it’s important to reflect on the good days or as I like to say the great days, why was it a great day, what was going on for you, how did you feel?

Journalling is a wonderful way to capture your moods. A simple way to start is to note down 3 things that happened that made you happy and 1 thing that made you upset. For a couple of weeks just note thoughts down each day in a journal book, then on the second Sunday reflect on the past 2 weeks. What are you noticing, what are you observing, where is the sun shining for you and where might the sun not be shining so brightly. Over the course of a few months you can really get to grips with where your love is coming from and where situations, things, people are pulling you down. 

Now the work begins as you start to bring more sunshine into your work. Sharing your observations with those around you could be with your partner, mate, work buddy, boss, Vicar, coach, mentor is a really good starting point. Here you are not looking for solutions just to communicate what you are noticing about yourself. 

Give it a try and let me know how you go!

What does to love your work mean, as I reflect on clients responses it’s typically never about the money, its normally that they feel love, they feel part of something, they feel like they are contributing to something, they feel they have support, they feel heard, they feel valued. Above all they have ensured they have set themselves up for success and in doing so they can really triple down and do good things. 

How do you progress?

Ask your team mates to help you, you might ask them to call you out if they notice x or y about you, you may ask them to give you time and or space if that is what you need, what ever it is I encourage you to communicate your thoughts. Don’t forget to thank them and help them if they ask.

Take your time, allow good days to be just that and not so good days to be just that, try not to force or overthink – the purpose of this is to get aligned with your love and once you have arrived make a promise to help another person out. 

So my question is this,

Do you love your work?

Nick x

Nick Roud is a multi-award winning leadership coach, his clients are CEOs, executives and emerging leaders. His work is evidenced based, structured & forward focused,  he attracts the  very best leaders to his coaching business. | global award winning leadership coach | +6421375630

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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

Executive Leadership Coach

Nick is the Chairman of Nick Roud Coaching and a Global Award Winning Executive Coach. Nick holds the highest coaching qualification MCEC. His clients are typically Chief Executive Officers, Executives and Emerging Leaders. Nick’s office is based in Auckland, New Zealand and he travels extensively around the world to coach his clients. You can contact Nick directly on +6421375630