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Nick’s Daily Blog with 7 Specific Questions To Seek Clarity In | 14th April 2023


There is never a right time to move on from an organisation. Sometimes that time is forced onto you through a new direction driven by the Board of Directors and Executive team. Typically people leave because of their managers right! 

Well I am not sure and today’s daily blog will uncover a few questions that professionals might want to ask themselves at least once a year. 

I appreciate that people leave people due to a number of reasons and this will continue on for ever and a day, sometimes our faces just don’t fit and no amount of effort or ‘up-skilling’ will change the perception. So if you are sensing the time has come for you to move on then take ownership, say thank you and put a plan in place. 

The career market is certainly an interesting one, sitting back and watching things play out is fascinating and one where opportunities are all around if only we can see them.  I am hearing and seeing some ludicrous offers being thrown around town. The highest increase on a base salary has been $40,000 (NZD) now that is serious coin and one that really got me curious about what else might be going on in the so call ‘war for human talent’. Whilst I am not a big advocate on following ‘the money’ it’s vitally important that as professionals you earn the value that is right for your level and skill set. 

It may come as no surprise that the individual professional took up the $40,000 increase from another organisation only to contact me a few months down the line to say she had walked into a minefield and things under the hood were not that great. Whilst we discussed the non-financial impact and the environment that she would be walking into at the end of the day we all make our own decisions. 

It is imperative that when considering a career move you really must take some due care and time to do your own due diligence and this should be done prior to committing to any legal contract of employment. 

As adults and professionals there is only so much an organisation can and will be able to spend and whilst this may become ever more apparent in our careers I really do implore you to really sit down and consider why you are heading on or considering a career move. Money is important I get it and a wise person once said Nick we all have our price……

The older I get the more that money is really a non-driver. In fact if I really lean into my own reflection it never has been, money comes, money goes. I remember once sitting in a London Cab talking freely with a seasoned taxi driver, we were talking about all sorts of things and I asked why you up late at night working. Dave his real name looked in the mirror and said in a beautiful cockney accent, son her in doors has fucked the hoover and we need a new one, so I work a few extra hours and bingo she’s ‘appy and well son the rest takes care of itself……

It makes me laugh every time I recall that cabby and wonder what is he up to know, but it goes to show if you want/need something then good old fashioned hard work will go a long way. 

The blog today is about some important questions to ask yourself each year and I feel the above went a little of course, so lets get back to the topic. 

During my career coaching sessions with professionals I encourage them to work through a series of specific questions every 12 months. Some of those exact questions are below. 

  1. Am I happy in the work I do?
  2. Do I feel I am contributing to something special?
  3. Am I allowing myself to learn?
  4. Am I growing and doing what I should be doing?
  5. Do I value my boss, my peers and my reports?
  6. Have I got more to offer?
  7. Am I just turning up or am I really showing up? 

Our professional careers are constantly throwing up new ideas, thoughts, concerns etc. As a coach to many what I’d like to challenge you with is you spend some time reflecting on the above few questions. Answer not as a person with a title or a pay check but as a person who has only one life, you have options and you are capable of doing what ever you put your mind to. Now answer those 7 questions again (honestly). 

If you need a sounding board to discuss your career direction then I’d be happy to spend time with you. If it’s important to you then I can assure you it will be very important to me.

I hope it today’s blog allows you to step forwards in your own career and you look back with (no-regrets). 


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