The Nick Roud Podcast with Founder of Harper Digital, Matt Moore (episode 29)

by | Oct 31, 2022

Welcome to episode 29 of The Nick Roud Podcast with Matt Moore.

Leaders are not born they are made.

In today’s podcast I welcome Matt Moore, Owner of Harper Digital. Matt established Harper Digital in 2016 and as you will come to hear from our conversation there is so much more to his leadership career. It is a pleasure to share this conversation with you!

It’s one of those conversations that I am confident most leaders and even non-leaders around the world will find extremely valuable.

Matt has an interesting career one that I believe many of us listening to this podcast can and will relate to. In our 1hr 30min chat we discussed many things from growing up on the North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand, dropping out of university, getting on a plane to Australia, appreciating that a little black book is worth it’s weight in gold, having setbacks and doubt whilst stepping off the gravy train that a monthly pay check brings. Establishing a business from the kitchen table and utilising excel a tool that helped Matt shape the future.

Leadership isn’t for everyone, successful leaders have something burning deep down inside of them. Leadership is not about title, money or fame. Far from that, great leadership is all about serving and helping others and in our podcast today we shine the light on being ok with success!

We talked about many things, and, as you will come to hear as one door closes another door opens. Leadership has lots to do with luck, timing and being ok not being ready.

Enjoy, Nick.

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