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by | Oct 30, 2023

written by Nick Roud, Award Winning Executive Coach, October 2023

Being Consistent is more than just doing it once. 

As I observe leadership and continue to coach exceptional leaders here in New Zealand and around the world there are a few aspects which seperate the elite from the rest. Today I am keen to drill into one fundamental when looking at behavioural change. 

Leaders working with me identify strengths, and development areas via specific assessments, and in doing so get a much clearer picture of what must be focused on if they are to grow, develop and improve as leaders. leadership is also knowing what to stop doing a little more can be found here in this article written by Walter Isaacson, the CEO of the Aspen Institute, is the author of Steve Jobs and of biographies of Henry Kissinger, Benjamin Franklin, and Albert Einstein.

Change only happens if the individual wants to change period.  The word change is something I do not bring into my 1:1 coaching practice as for many it brings up bad experiences preferring to use ‘opportunity’.

I will share a personal story of being told to change during my school years. 

Being dyslexic there are certain things that my brain just can’t do and no matter how much I stress over it, worry about it it just wont happen. I was asked to stand in front of the whole school and do a reading, for the life of me I can’t remember what piece of English literacy it was but I was told and forced by my English teach that I would be doing it! Over my dead body I thought! 

So weeks went by and I tried my hardest to memories this bloody piece of writing and got more upset that I just couldn’t do it. Just to be clear as a dyslexic person words just jump around and off the page there is no reason why and this is probably why my kids want only me to read to them at night as we go on amazing magical journeys (boy god help me when they both can read it might be passed to mum for such fun times). The big day arrived and as I walked to the school hall I new that I was going to really muck things up and be again the laughing stock of many. I remember standing up on stage the hush fell over the room, the kids all sitting down on the school hall floor lent in, the teachers all sitting around the parameter of the hall in folded there arms and stared at me, I still remember those looks, don’t f*uck this up Nick I thought just do it, I took a breath and just started talking. What I had done as I rehearsed this reading was to remember certain words and then filled in the blanks with my own imagination / thought and what could have been. What was just a few mins felt like an eternity, it felt like the whole world had stopped and suddenly everyone was looking at me. It was a life long lesson for me that just because we are forced to do things we are not comfortable with we must work out a way to manage and work our way through these things. As I reflect back maybe that time has positively impacted on me!  Did I enjoy it, hell no, it was the worst experience of my life but it got me thinking about leadership today and future leaders? 

For many years I have studied some amazing global leaders and had the pleasure of working alongside them as their executive coach. During our 12 months together some of the biggest improvements come from those individuals who laser in, really laser in on a couple of aspects and continually work on just those areas, they don’t flip flop around nor do they follow the flavour of the month, the latest shinny toy, they narrow in on them and to some extent become obsessed with cracking the code. 

As I observe those leaders its like they are tunnelling a long hole, they have an end in mind, they are slowly chipping away at it centimetre by centimetre, they are not starting then stopping, they are consistently working on things, they stop only to reflect and ensure they are still pointing in the right direction then they get back to the hard work, individually they will each pop back up out the tunnel at various different times, some might be quick others take a little longer and that is absolutely fine remember its your leadership development and time is one thing we all have. 

What they do and this happens nearly 100% of the time is there body demeanour shifts, there frown of focus and concentration has lifted, they smile, they breath, they look lighter, and, realise all that hard work was for a reason, they have broken through a barrier which they felt was not possible. It still gives me goosebumps that elite leaders and leaders alike want to improve themselves, they want to be better and they do not settle. 

Growth happens when you step forwards and embrace the opportunity you are willing to try, you are willing to be challenged, you are willing to be uncomfortable. Change happens when you are consistent in your approach, you dial in and you put the effort into what it is you are wishing to improve. A leaders job isn’t easy, its one of the hardest jobs in the world. A leaders job should involve ensuring you have time yourself to pause, think and work on yourself. Great leaders do this and they are totally dedicated, committed and very consistent on ensuring they are the very best that they can be. 

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My closing note for todays article is this. 

Consistency is about getting clarity on what things you (must) work on, ensuring you are fully committed to what opportunities await, putting the time in and be very purposeful. The ride to improvement may be a bit bumpy but the destination will be worth it!

Consistency isn’t about doing it once then moving on. Its about mastering it!

Nick Roud – Coach

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