The Nick Roud Podcast

The Nick Roud Podcast

It's all about the people and learning from them!

Some of my wonderful guests on the Nick Roud Podcast include, Matt Young, Dion Nash, Rob Campbell, Robett Hollis, Hannah McQueen, Richard Young to name a few

Anxiety & Depression, lets talk about it. The Nick Roud Podcast

Anxiety and Depression

Today we welcome a truly exceptional lady onto my podcast and together have a very deep and meaningful conversation about being a mum or dad and seeing your teenage kid go through anxiety & depression

Meet Melanie Medland, Wellness Coach & Owner of Moving Through.

In 2018 one of her daughters was diagnosed with anxiety & depression, feeling compleltey lost, alone and struggling to come to terms with this Mel opens up how she and daughter got to the other side and why she set up Moving Through a business here in New Zealand that supports parents of teenagers with anxiety & depression.

Only you and you alone know your children. Mel Medland

I absolutely love the work that Mel is doing and from the bottom of my heart I sincerely hope you enjoy our conversation today. Please remember (you are not alone)

Nick x

Awarded Best Executive Coaching Consultancy – New Zealand at the 2020 Asia Pacific Business Awards

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Things have changed, so lets talk about it. The Nick Roud Podcast

The Nick Roud Podcast. A conversation sparked by a client of mine in a recent coaching session.

Nick What Is Great Leadership?

Along with my very special guest, best selling author, business owner, husband, dad and fellow executive coach Stan Peake (live from Canada) we spend an hour or so having a conversation about The Great, The Good, The Bad & The Ugly sides to being a leader.

We hope you enjoy it

Nick x

Awarded ‘Best Executive Coaching Consultancy – New Zealand’ at the 2020 Asia Pacific Business Awards.

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Episode 20, The Nick Roud Podcast with CEO and Founder of LevellingUp, Mike de Boer

The world has changed and Mike along with his driven team at LevellingUp are making a huge impact.

It’s an honour to be part of the LevellingUp community and to share with you all today our conversation.

This is a deep and meaningful chat with the CEO & Founder and to a guy who is changing the world right now.

We hope you enjoy our chat and it inspires you onto greater things.

Look after yourself and each other

Nick Roud x

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Stan Peake in his latest book Success Is A System speaks to those of us that want to be the very best we can be personally and professionally. This is filled with insightful thoughts and absolutely valuable tools that will get you thinking a bit differently about things….It was a huge honour to welcome Stan onto my podcast and to share his story with you all today. Sit back, relax and enjoy our conversation. Look after yourself and each other,

Nick x

Master Certified Executive Coach.

Roud Career Coaching

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