Career Coaching – If you don’t invest in yourself – who will?

by | Nov 16, 2016

If you don’t invest in yourself – who will?

It’s that time of year when we all start to unwind and think about getting away for our Christmas holidays. Whether we stay close to home, head to the bach or venture further afield to catch up on family and friends. It is a time to switch off from all the noise, emails, meetings, deadlines, work pressures, etc.

It is time to relax, reflect and plan.

 •   Relax – turn everything down a notch

•   Reflect – on 2016

•   Plan – direction for 2017


I have heard from some of you that it’s been a fantastic year, both from home and work point of view, congratulations! You may have landed a new job, you may have been promoted, you may have managed to get a pay rise, you may have taken that course you have always wanted to do, you may have changed career direction, the list goes on. For others it may have been a really hard year. Whichever the side you currently sit on, now is the time to start planning your professional career for 2017.


Many of my clients are starting to put plans in place. They are really ramping up their personal career plans to ensure 2017 is a cracking year.


If the thought of putting plans in place is something new to you, then do get in touch, I can help.


Here are a few things to have a think about over your break:


·     Did I achieve what I wanted in the year?

·     Am I satisfied in my job?

·     What have I really enjoyed about my job this year?

·     What have I not enjoyed about my job this year, how do I ensure I don’t repeat this?

·     Do I want to be doing the same job this time next year?

·     How can I position myself for that promotion?


I know first-hand that coaching works, if you are willing to invest in yourself.

If you would like set yourself up for 2017 and want to prioritise your career plans then, please get in touch with me today and start taking control of your professional career.


To arrange your confidential appointment please contact, Nick Roud at or call me on 021 375 630


Enjoy the next few weeks and the build up to Christmas, be safe where ever you may be in the world.




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