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by | Dec 5, 2018

Managing your professional career is a job in its own right. Nothing can be left to chance. When I have the pleasure of working with an individual and their chosen topic is “career planning” we work on a number of specific steps to ensure the results happen.

One area that I wanted to share with you tonight was this……………I ask my client to become there very own CEO! 

Pretty quickly they get into the zone of looking at each facet of themselves, similar to each department that makes a successful business function (why), you may be thinking, why would you ask them to become there very own CEO…….

Well because taking control of your career is no different to running your very own business for example:

  • The Finance department (what do you need to earn, how will this impact on your life today and into the future)

  • The Marketing department (how does your CV, LinkedIn / Social Media truly reflect who you are and how are you articulating your “authentic” message to a potential hiring manager),

  • The Sales department (how are you taking control of your career choices – who, what, where, how are you targeting your next move) are you targeting specific organisations and people that make hiring decisions, are you communicating specific people in your networks, are you spending time on job boards are you treading the pavements…..”nothing comes to those who wait!!!!!”

  • The HR department (having all your documents in place) etc

It takes a great deal of focus and courage to ensure you are in control of your own career, just like being the CEO of a business – you also need a strong professional team around you! 

Working with a professional coach will get you results.

Look after yourself, Nick

Nick Roud – Coach

Roud Career Coaching


Nick Roud - Coach - Roud Career Coaching

Nick Roud – Coach – Roud Career Coaching


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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

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