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by | Mar 21, 2018

100% thrilled with how my podcasts are absolutely helping a number of individuals “improve”. I wanted to recap a little about whats been going on so far – incase you have missed or didn’t know what we have been up to!

Above are my very special guests who have been truly amazing, not only taking the time to join our community but more importantly they have bought personal thoughts to the table during our conversations and gone deep on a variety of topics. Thank you all so very much for being “you”

Hannah McQueen – Founder enableMe

Robett Hollis – Founder Frontside

Rob Campbell – Invest/Director, Chairperson of the year 2017 and a number of other Chair positions

Dion Nash – Founder and Owner – Triumph & Disaster 

Our podcasts run for 35mins – 1:45 (thanks Robett Hollis…..) but more importantly what we discuss are relevant topics, from “balance” a whole heap of stuff, family, friends, work, pressures to “taking a NZ brand global” and putting it all on the line – to brining “content” to life whilst being authentic to yourself and my most recent podcast focusing in on “taming money” 

You can listen direct from my website under The Nick Roud Podcast or jump onto iTunes and search The Nick Roud Podcast where you can find also all conversations.

Lots more planned just for you. If you like what you hear feel free to share these around your friend, work mates, family everyone is welcome. 

Look after yourself, Nick

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