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by | Dec 4, 2019

Over the past 3 months some of you may have heard that Roud Career Coaching has been trailing online coaching sessions specifically on CV Coaching using technology. These have been a wonderful success for all who attended (thank you for the kind & constructive feedback).

A huge confidence shift for me to say – technology can support coaching and (me….)

Those that are extremely close to me will appreciate how truly amazing this is……..why……..well lets just say its never the tool/sytem, just the user (me)…..:)

So as we close out last nights final online CV coaching session for 2019 lets share a little more about what we all learnt and how we will continue to use technology into 2020 for certain parts of our business.

Why do we run these coaching sessions online?

  • To help

  • Its important to remember not everyone can afford the time or investment to work one-on-one with me, these online sessions cost $99.00 usually $500.00

  • Clients are located all around the world, and not everyone can visit our global head office in Auckland, New Zealand

  • We all have commitments – family, work etc to fit into our 24 hr day, so it was and is important to find a time slot that could work into peoples lives – we chose 6:00pm – 7:30pm (NZ time) and this seems to have worked even for our international friends.

  • To share – up to date insights and intel from HR & Hiring Managers

  • To help you get started…..interesting feedback from one of our wonderful clients, Nick it gave me the kick up the arse that I actually needed!

What is our aim?

  • Simply to help

  • To bring people together in a safe/confidential environment

  • To deliver a coaching option no matter where he/she lives in the world

  • To support clients with a highly focused coaching session that will continue to help many individuals get to grips with creating / writing a CV, not everyone knows where to start or how to articulate themselves!

Who have been our typical clients?

We have run 3 sessions, Oct, Nov and Dec,

  • in Oct due to a few last min ‘family issues’ we had 1 coachee online,

  • in November we had a full house (all courses are a maximum of 5)

  • we also ran an additional session in Nov for one client as, lets just say technology issues 🙂

  • in December (last night we had 5 plus 2 children join us).

It may surprise many but we have welcomed online – senior leaders, heads of departments, managers and a couple of young guns just about to step into the work force…..Initially when preparing this concept in June this year I wrote out who I thought would be interested in these online sessions, lets just say I was completely wrong, just goes to show you have to try things in life….

What do the coaching sessions focus on?

The key areas include:

  • Who are you?

  • Your current CV?

  • Research prior to putting pen to paper?

  • Layout?

  • The most important part?

  • Other things to consider etc?

  • Discussing your pre-coaching session assessment work….

  • oh and having some fun along the way

What was our (my) concern before launching this?

  • That no one would find these of benefit

  • That my lack of skills with using technology would be exposed 🙂

  • That individuals wouldn’t feel comfortable being in a room (online) with others

  • That I would not be serving my purpose

Results / Feedback from our clients?

  • 2 clients have interviewed and offered positions (huge….)

  • 1 client has been offered an internal promotion (huge…..)

  • 3 clients are creating CV in readiness for 2020 (huge….)

  • 2 clients are re-looking at their careers, once they feel ready then they can start to put pen to paper (huge…)

  • 3 clients I am awaiting feedback from last night………

Simply outstanding and I am so very proud of those who have jumped online – spent a couple of hours with me and got results, well done.

On the back of these few sessions we will be welcoming clients onto our 2020 sessions, here is a link to those dates and here is your link to the booking form.

I look forward to meeting you online


Master Certified Executive Coach

Roud Career Coaching


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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

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Nick is the Chairman of Nick Roud Coaching and a Global Award Winning Executive Coach. Nick holds the highest coaching qualification MCEC. His clients are typically Chief Executive Officers, Executives and Emerging Leaders. Nick’s office is based in Auckland, New Zealand and he travels extensively around the world to coach his clients. You can contact Nick directly on +6421375630