Leadership is like being an artist. Written by Nick Roud, Master Executive Coach

by | Jul 28, 2019

without expression and feeling you’re simply telling? – leading is like being an artist, bringing everything & everyone to life, Nick Roud, Master Executive Coach

It may come as no surprise that today on the 29th July 2019 the world continues to change – more choice, more awareness, more greed, more connection, more theories and with this change it takes a certain sole to step up and lead. It’s a lonely and scary place to be a leader and that hasn’t changed since the word was invented.

Research coming out of certain parts of our world are showing that, 80% of leaders fail to impress in the first two years of their leadership role. Over 70% confirm that they are not enjoying their leadership role. 70% admit to being very stressed. So with this research, and the pace to which shareholders, boards expect you to be the magic “silver” bullet why would anyone in there right mind chose to lead!

Well, why don’t we explore a little more.

If you could grab a pen and paper and list down 5 people who you feel “typify” a great leader, I will share mine with you at the end of todays blog. But as you right down your 5 people consider to your self why have you put this name down and what does that mean to you!

How many times have you seen or heard a person “knocking” or “criticising” a leader, oh, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, well how can she stand there and say that, you don’t want to do it like that you need to do it like this, if I was in her position I would be doing this………Come on we have all done it in our lives, only the other day I was watching my favourite rugby team – shouting to the half back to go left………go left you have an overlap…..but he went right………..I sat back into my comfy chair and thought to myself, Nick – why are you screaming at a tv screen – he can’t even hear you and at the end of the day he has the ball in his hands and its his decision, its his choice……….. we have all sat there in a very safe place and had those thoughts, I challenge anyone who hasn’t!

As a leader you are constantly sticking your neck out, you may not have all the answers and you are putting your reputation on the line everyday. So if you are reading this I want to personally give you a hug……because you are the one doing things and trying, so keep up the great work and remember – it takes a very special person to lead.

The skillset for great leaders is very simple, its about vision, passion and its about the big picture!

The skill set for a manager is about the individual person and getting the job done!

You don’t need to have charisma or high extroversion to be a “great leader” but its sadly a common thought. Some of the greatest leaders of all time are introverts, they are not comfortable to be in the spot light, so why do boards constantly hire a leader who shows charisma / high extroversion…….without getting under the skin of the leader and in doing so really discover the whole person?

Here are a few “common” findings of leaders who I have had the pleasure of working alongside.

  1. vision – starting with not the end goal but the “why”

  2. optimistic – they are able to bring people together in the tough times, to get the very best from others

  3. belief – its never about you its about the business and the people (the greater good)

  4. connection – they bring ideas, thoughts and people to life and can communicate this to all levels

  5. passion – those that succeed are the ones who have found something they are personally passionate and great at, if you are not passionate find something else to do, they each use their passion to bring the very best from themselves and others

  6. trust/confidence – never to be broken but constantly built on they make people feel safe, loved and secure

So as a leader what is your purpose and is it aligned to where you are working, what are you doing to advance this. If it’s not aligned you might just fail as a great leader. As an executive coach I see the personal impact that leaders are placing on themselves ever single day, and it blows my mind that every single day when their alarm goes off they are ready for another day, but “why”.

Having spent a great deal of time working with leaders and getting to really understand each and everyone of them there is something I want to share with you.

Forget job title, forget that you “deserve” to be leading, forget that because you went to a certain school or university or have come from money then you should naturally be the chosen one…….If you are going to lead I want you to work on just one little thing……..your Emotional Intelligence…………. this has got to be the biggest tip I can share with you today, work on your EI, get this aligned, get this in place and share it around your stakeholders, your peers, your teams and your friends. This may be that little bit of xtra you need to excel.

My top 5 leaders of all time (as at July 2019)

  • my father

  • bill gates

  • albert einstein

  • oswald berkhan

  • florence nightingale

Again to me each of the above takes leadership to the next level and have left a massive dent in the world.

Nick Roud - Master Certified Executive Coach, Roud Coaching

Nick Roud – Master Certified Executive Coach, Roud Coaching

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Look after yourself and each other


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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

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