Coaching with Nick Roud offered to (45) people who have been made redundant. Published By Nick Roud, Master Certified Executive Coach

by | Mar 24, 2020

It’s ok to be crazy, to push the boundaries and not to settle. Its ok to love unconditionally Nicola, our 2 kids Louie, Willow & myself.
I’m here to serve all and as I do, let myself be open to each and every single person no matter views thoughts or status.
As I continue my journey, learn and live my purpose, I will do all I can to part my wisdom
— Nick Roud, Master Certified Executive Coach ‘Core Purpose’

Coaching with Nick Roud, offered to (45) people who have been made redundant for free.

From tonight here in New Zealand we all head into lock down and I know by listening to our governments and health professionals that we must all play our part to ensure the success.

For those who have been a client of mine over the last few years or followed my blogs, podcasts – videos etc (thank you), you will appreciate that I am not a medical professional, or an expert in what we are facing, I simply coach incredibly professionals who want to improve and get results.

Therefore what can we do here at Roud Career Coaching to help?

It has been a question I have been throwing around in my head over the last few days.

Starting tomorrow 26th March at 9am I will be offering to personally coach (45) professionals that have unfortunately lost your job due to Covid19.

When I established Roud Career Coaching and put together my 25 year business plan I can assure you on those 3 pages you would not have found what we are all facing in it. But we have it and we must all pull together to get to the other side and we will.

How will this one-on-one (virtual) coaching work?

Why 45?

That is my current age so what the hell lets go with that!

Who is the coaching for?

Respectfully, this is for individuals who have been made redundant!

What is the format?

A 1 Hour session via Zoom with me

Ideally your coaching session is taken over the next 4 weeks! (as this is how long we will all be in lockdown.

What is the Cost/Fee?

(Zero, all we ask is WHEN (not if), WHEN you find your next job you gift my hourly fee to a local nursing charity OR you spend that money in a local restaurant to help them get back on their feet after closure)

How do I apply?

Here at Roud Career Coaching we keep things ‘simple’. Simply email me and between us we will book in a suitable time.

Do I need to live in NZ for this?

I have the pleasure of personally coaching leaders and professionals around the world, so I want to offer this to any part of our beautiful world we all live in. Please bear in mind our times differences, but we can work around that!!

What can I discuss in our 1 hour coaching session?

I will be driven by you but everything you and I discuss will be in 100% confidence, initially I have some thoughts but lets not be too rigid on this, the purpose is to help you..

What is the time frames?

We have lock down here in NZ for 4 weeks so I am going to offer this across the next 4 weeks starting 26th March 2020.

Nobody ever wants to hear the words that your role has been made redundant but this is reality we all face. As a coach I will do everything in my power to be of service.

Keep listening into your governments and health professionals and stay away from ‘gossip’

Look after yourself and each other,

Nick, Master Certified Executive Coach

Roud Career Coaching

About Nick Roud,

  • Nick is married to Nicola and they have 2 kids, Louie (4) & Willow (2)

  • Nick has been helping leaders and professionals since 2006

  • Nick is a Master Certified Executive Coach.

  • Nick was personally coached & trained by #1 Executive Coach in the World, John Mattone and Nick is one of John’s Top 3 Executive Coaches Globally on The Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Program.

  • Nick coaches on The Executive MBA Program at Massey University.

  • Our Global HQ is a 20ft shipping container located in Auckland, New Zealand.


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Nick Roud

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