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by | Jan 15, 2021

It all started with Nicola’s husband and his wedding ring then changing soap!

Today Nicola is doing exceptional work around New Zealand with individuals, councils and organisations and I am absolutely delighted to share with you all today on The Nick Roud Podcast the amazing work she is doing around Sustainability.

Being Mindful of what you buy and consume!

What an absolute privilege and pleasure to welcome the one and only Nicola Turner – Behaviour Changer at Mainstream Green onto our podcast. Nic is sending deep impactful ripples around New Zealand and as you will come to hear in our conversation you may well change your thoughts, ideas, habits and actions when it comes to the very word, Sustainability. Nic works with individuals, organisations and councils here in New Zealand. Nic is a busy mum, wife, friend and business women and in between all that she has just released her latest book Living Lightly: The Busy Person’s Guide to Mindful Consumption.

After spending some time with Nic in her home town of Cambridge New Zealand (which buy the I have renamed the epicentre of the world when it comes to Wellness) I’d encourage you to reach out to her.

Our conversation today is fun, factual and inspirational. We talk about climbing the corporate ladder, travel, consumer behaviours and encouraging people to buy more…….to……….establishing Mainstream Green.

There are so many great things in our conversation today (you might need a pen and paper!!).

As it did with me I hope to that it flicks a switch and today you start doing things a bit differently!

Nicola Turner

Behaviour Changer at Mainstream Green

Thank you for joining us and taking time out of your day to be with Nicola and myself as we have a wonderful informative, insightful and fun conversations.

I hope you enjoy our conversation and above all it helps you make a ‘start’……

Look after yourself and each other,

Nick x

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(recorded 13th January 2021)

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