Come closer in your leadership

by | Mar 14, 2022

We are in a period of time when we are really being asked to keep our distance. So today’s leadership blog is a bit of a play on that! Come closer in your leadership, I hope you enjoy it and it allows you to develop in your leadership.

There is nothing better than to know you are appreciated, to know you are valued and to know what you are doing is making a difference.

Leadership involves many things, some needed others not. If you have people working for you then their is no better leader in my humble view who can and does bring his/her people closer together. There is no right or wrong way to bring people closer together, I’ve seen sports coaches complete lift a team in just a few weeks, quickly identifying a common message, rules and expectations, whether that team went onto win the ‘cup’ is another story. On the flip side of that great work I’ve seen leaders rip the heart and soul away from people and it’s company overnight. In one move all the hard work that has been done by so many has been undone. Again a leaders job is to do what is the best for the business, but please don’t lose sight of how you treat your people through both the good times and the bad times. And yes as a leader you can be brave enough to change your approach!

If you are operating in an environment that has ‘hidden conversions’, pockets of inner-culture, different rules or allowances for certain people and different behaviour for others then I’d encourage you to consider your leadership approach. Whilst people enjoy consitancy they soon see the ‘bull-shit’ that is going on and then my friends a whole new level of pain will play out.

Ever leader will need to make ‘tough’ calls. Decissions that will impact others positively and negatively but one of your core responsbabilties is communication. If you are in a position of responsbabitly then get used to having to make those calls. Don’t avoid them and please don’t let others do the work on your behalf.

They say culture is key! I like to take that much deeper, I believe treating people with respect is the only rule a leader must adopt and as we move into a brand new era of people leadership now we will start to appreciate and see leadership move on.

Having and creating an environment where open communication is expected and allowed will go a long way to bringing people closer together and as the leader it start with you and your behaviours. An environment where games are not tolerated and feedback is seemed will ultimately bring you and your people closer together. People of all walks of life hate not knowing. This is when the ‘mind’ games start to kick in and that leads to so many what if situations. Don’t allow that to happen if your people are doing a good job tell them, if they are not then work with them and help them. If behaviours don’t change then help them find a new job.

Don’t be that leader

The Italians say the fish rots from the head and if you as the CEO / Executive is not willing to make the time for your people, share – help and meticulously encourage the behaviour that will be excepted and ensure you and living the values then you are doing yourself a disservice and the organisation you serve, it might be time to find a new opportunity.

As we progress deeper into 2022 I am heartened by the leaders who I have the pleasure of coaching. Mistakes will happen and I encourage those, decisions may not go as planned but that’s learning. Leadership is more than just it’s title. I long for the day that the world doesn’t need titles. I was asked to facilitate a leadership workshop something I don’t normally do we where trying to bring thought into the room (a room that was filled with subject matter experts). A room that had Phd’s, MBE and other wonderful titles. VPs, Divisional leaders all with tittles. I had the entire company stand up and walk out of the conference room- leave their name badges (and titles) on the table outside and when they returned they would listen intently to each other, they would allow freedom of thought and they would not be governed by the most senior person in the room. It was a training day that ultimately bought the company better ‘communication’ between divisions and that was how we bought people closer to each other!

To come close is more about trust than any words I can write in today’s blog, to come closer to another person is about time its about putting in the effort and its about respecting each others view point. It’s ok to agree/disagree and it’s ok for their to be a little time between drinks. Utimately a decision will need to be made and that should always be in the best interest of ‘the business’ and not the individual.

I encourage you to consider what you are doing to be closer to your people. I encourage you to step forwards today and draw a line in the sand and make a positive move forwards.

Come closer in your leadership (you will not regret it, I promise)

Yours in coahcing



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Nick Roud

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