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It’s all about your people. Without them no leader is able to deliver on his/her vision. How much time do you therefore spend with your people and what is the purpose of that time. When I was training for my very first Ironman race in Taupo, New Zealand my coach said something that stuck with me. Making the very most of your time during training will ensure your race day does well.  We have all heard that saying ‘everyone has 24 hours in the day’ it’s up to each of us to therefore get the most from it.  When it comes to leadership one of the biggest mistakes if we can name it comes back to leaders cancelling and or missing there one-on-ones with there people. When interviewing stakeholders for the leaders 360 many report that their leader is not consistent with those meetings. When I ask the stakeholder when your leader doesn’t show up to your one on one or moves the time what does that mean to you. The response is always I’m not important!

In knowing your people amazing things can and will happen. I read recently about a sports coach of a major team. She wrote that nearly all her time is taken up with ensuring his players and her are in the same page. Her rules of missing a meeting would only be for a family emergency. She felt nothing else would be tolerated. How great therefor would it be if leaders of business took her rules into the teams they led?

I have shared with many a leader in our coaching work that those who know and I mean really know there people will be the leaders who are therefore able to move the needle. They will know when to support the person and when to step back. They will appreciate what that stakeholder is actually going through right now and in doing so help where needed. Don’t underestimate the real power of ensuring you know your people and your people know you!  And don’t cancel your one in ones. It’s not doing you any favours. 

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

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Nick Roud

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