Quiet Leadership | Nick’s Daily Blog | 4th April 2023

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Just do you!

THE QUIET LEADER |  Nick’s Daily Blog | 4th April 2023. 

In an observing role recently with a Board of Directors. I am in the process of coaching the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a well established organisation in New Zealand. During my 3 hours sitting in the corner one of the Board members leant into a conversation that was going on between the CEO and Chair. Excuse me ………. What we need is to hear you more, you need to be louder!

As I reflected back into my observation notes and ensuring I remained present for my CE it dawned on me that the Board member had not stopped talking for some time. He was pretty adamant on nearly all facets of the meeting that his way / thoughts were the best and he wasn’t shy in making those remarks (could this Board executive be my next client I thought……after all everyone needs a coach (thanks Bill Gates for that one)!

The following day I had a planned meeting with the CE to review his 360 and other material that we had been working on quietly behind the scenes. I asked him in my office over a coffee, yesterday …………interrupted your conversation with the Chair – what did you notice about yourself in that moment?

The silence was telling, well Nick sometimes you got to just keep your mouth shut. We laughed and I allowed him space to carry on his thoughts. We don’t see eye to eye you know me and that individual he used to be part of the executive team and now on the Board so I guess he’s got some valid insight. Again I asked the question what did you notice about yourself? He looked at me as though I had not heard his first response which I had. Well not sure Nick as I said we don’t see eye to eye. 

What I had noticed was a body shift, a glimpse downwards and the smile turned into a frown. It wasn’t the words that he spoke or didn’t speak in this instance it was his body language. It reminded me of looking at a person who didn’t really believe in his thoughts, ideas and aspirations a defeated look. My client hadn’t noticed this (nor should he have) and my comments made him think. 

Over the next few hours we reviewed his leadership 360 assessment and a couple of other assessments that he had taken over the past couple of months. 

What themes were apperring to him? What was resonating with him? What was a suprise to him? We discussed all and more at length and then he spoke a few words. 

You see Nick I am just a quiet leader!

Bingo the lights came on – the ah-ha moment played out right before his eyes, he leant back and just smiled to himself. Fuck it, so what if I am a quiet leader it’s what makes me me and successful and it’s who I am………..’mike drop’……………congrats I said, welcome back into the room.

We carried on our coaching session. 

You see a leader comes in all shapes and sizes, the Board member in my humble view was just projecting out to others on who he was (not positive constructive feedback to the CE) 

It’s vitally important as you progress in your own leadership that you get very comfortable with who you are, what you stand for, how you lead and then just get on with it. Stop short of being something to others because you are you and this is the golden nugget to success. You don’t need to be the loudest or quietest person to lead (you just need to be yourself)!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in working on your leadership then get in touch and let’s discuss how executive coaching can enable your leadership.

I’m deeply interested to hear how from you if you have or are leading a group of yes people and you want to shift that environment forwards. Reach out to me at nick@roudcareers.co.nz

When we face our fears we typically grow, when we allow fears to dictate our action things start to stall. Don’t let that inner voice hold you back – get evidence and be yourself because that is what you deserve to be. 

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

Nick x

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