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Why when watching sport let’s say a tennis match we get to see first had what passion is!. Two giants going hammer and tong and wanting only but to win and gain ultimate glory. The screems of joy as the set is won, the anger when they make a mistake!

It’s exciting to see and appreciate the art of another human put ever last inch of effort to ensure that little yellow ball is returned over the net, trying to out smart there opponents, trying to out last their opponents and fundamentally to walk off that court with nothing left in the tank! As a spectator you are living and breathing ever single second of the battle. As the point starts you are sitting back in your chair, by the end of the long rally you are standing with an inch of the screen screaming at them to keep going, to hit, to chase, to not give up. There can be only one winner who will prevail

My thoughts as I too stand close to the screen watching the Australian Open unfold before my very eyes, fundemetally unable to change the course of history but wishing above all that my ‘favourite’ player will come out on top, my thoughts turn to the work I am fortunate enough to do, coach successful CEOs, executives and emerging leaders improve……so why I ask myself don’t we see that kind of passion from leaders?………..

Wouldn’t the world be better off if leaders led with passion? Yes/No, you can fill in the blank here!

Let’s turn our thoughts to a musician, the great musicians move us to a place by their ability to tell a story through music be that with words or by the sound of an instrument. All of us can remember our favourite song, sometimes the words come out right but if like me you enjoy singing in the shower you make your own words up depending on the mood.

My thoughts turn again and ask the question.

Why don’t leaders lead with passion?

Is it because they have been turned into robots? I don’t think so……..Or is it because they are afraid to show their emotion, their pride, their anger, their feeling?

Don’t be afraid or put off to lead with passion. We need it more than ever in our leaders. Forget what has gone before and remember that it’s ok for you to do you!

The passion is their it may be a little bit buried, step forwards with pride and allow your passion to come on out!

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

Nick x

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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

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