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by | Apr 19, 2017

Last night I had the privilege of talking to a group of people here in Auckland. The topic was “New Zealand Employment and how Coaching helps”.

It got me thinking about public speaking from an Introverts point of view, I hope the information is of help. 

As an “introvert” myself, speaking publicly has never been on the agenda. To say “public speaking” just the very thought puts me totally outside my comfort zone. Walking into a large room, lots of people, and just me sharing my thoughts, not for me………..but someone had asked me and I didn’t want to let them down. 

For the past 3 nights, I had broken sleep worried about (all sorts of things) none of which were out of my control, just mind games trying to upset me!  I had spent the time gathering relevant information (thanks to all those Hiring Managers, HR Managers and Recruitment Consultants who shared views with me) I had put pen to paper – I had all my notes in place, I even cleaned my shoes! I was prepared.

So why was I worried.  One thing I share with all my clients is “what’s the worst that can happen” time to take some of my own medicine. 

To be honest it was an absolute blast, yes, I was nervous on my drive to present, yes, I was scared to have the spotlight turned on me and yes all I could do was keep control of myself, Coaching 101.

I was thrilled with the group, they all interacted and engage in conversation/debate. Looking around the room seeing people taking notes was wonderful. Many wanted to have a chat with me after the presentation (which I have been told is a good thing!) I had planned to speak for 20mins but it went on for nearly 1hr (I am sure we could all be discussing late into the evening maybe into the early hours)…..

My take away points that I wanted to share with you are short and sweet and I hope no surprise to many, if you deeply and truly enjoy what you have been asked to speak about then just let rip. Practice, but don’t be too rigid, stand tall, be proud and allow your passion to shine, above all enjoy the time you get when presenting to others.

To those, and I know there are a few of us out their “introverts”, please please please don’t ever turn down the opportunity to share your passion with others. You may be surprised with just how well it goes.

Thanks to the group last night, I hope you took a great of useful relevant information from it, and I look forward to coaching a few of you personally.

Look after yourselves


Nick Roud – Career Coach

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