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Nick’s Daily Blog 12th April 2023.

When we look back at our careers we won’t remember how many meetings we attended nor will we remember the number of late night or early starts that took place. What we will look back on is how we made a difference!

Leadership should be seen as a vehicle for those who truly want to make a difference. Not a place that allows for bullying behaviour that only goes to self serve. 

I’d love all managers to review their titles and change them to CDO chief difference officers. The golden rule of a leader is to make a positive difference to one or many, not to be hailed as the person who attended the most meetings. 

Making a difference stirs up many questions, many thoughts, many variations. I find it hard to hear the silence fall over my global headquarters aka the 20ft shipping container when I ask my coachee’s this very pointed question. What are you doing right now to make a difference?. The silence is deafening, the look of horror as they move around in their chair looking for inspiration a life line that will land somewhere between truth and bullshit. Only true leaders know why they are here and what they are going to leave. These in my mind should be hailed high up and congratulated. 

Well let’s get to work is my usual response caveat with only if you really want to!

As leaders our time is short typically a CEO will be in there role for 5-7 years and whilst in the moment that may seem like a lifetime, in the big scheme of things and to my simple brain that is a short amount of time to actually make a difference. So how are you going to make the very most of that given time? Are you going to fret it away on some golf course, in some fancy restaurant lording up your so called given grandiose title and apparent level of self acclaimed importance or are you actually going to make a difference?

Whether you lead a global company or a one person business you have the gift that many will never be given. A gift that can keep giving if you allow it to do so.  To be a leader isn’t about just sitting there waiting to collect your monthly pay check or holding out for your retirement fund to be realised. In James Kerr book Legacy he writes about ‘leaving the shirt better than when you received it’. I love that saying. How many of you reading todays blog can look whole heartedly into your soul and swear you are doing all you can to leave your organisation, your people, your customers and your world better than when you took on the role. If so please can you email me directly at as I would very much like to interview you for our next research paper that will be out later on in the year. 

Leaving a difference will allow you to look at things differently, when really worked on it will look like a seemingly empty piece of paper but very quickly and with a little bit of quiet poking (normally from me) you will start to uncover some amazing truths in the reason why you lead! 

I deeply applaud those who leave money in their wills to worthy charities, I only hope that when my time comes it won’t be necessarily money that is left but more of a personal touch that has positively impacted a fellow human in some shape or form. 

So my question to you today is this. As a leader – What are you actually doing that is making a difference?

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I hope it today’s blog allows you to step forwards in your own leadership authentically and gets you deeply thinking. 


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Nick Roud

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