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There is a level of anticipation that many leaders share with me, I use the word anticipation they typically use the word ‘fear’. As you progress through your career and if you decide to take on more duties, responsibilities and ownership there is one aspect which will follow and that is one of pressure. How people manage or handle pressure is something many wise scholars continue to debate and write about. It will come as no surprise to you reading this today that we all face fear in different ways, some handle it through walking towards it, others hide away from it, others talk about what is going on for them.

I recently conducted a survey with some hand picked leaders around the world and asked them over a two month period to journal down what triggered a fear and to what extent that impacted on their job. Not only did those leaders wrap their arms around the challenge but along the way many of the leaders realised that their fears were not something to be scared by but to embrace as an opportunity to really progress professionally. Some mentioned the fear of presenting poor numbers to the board, others the fear of failure, others the fear of not getting the result of a deal which they and others had been working on for some time. We all handle fear in our own way. 

I’m deeply interested to hear how fear has impacted you in your careers could be the unknown, the not normal, the inner voice etc. Let me know at

When we face our fears we typically grow, when we allow fears to dictate our action things start to stall. Explore fear and see if it isn’t a sign of real growth opportunities. 

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

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