Why Do You Do What You Do?

by | Oct 25, 2023

Article written by Nick Roud, Award Winning Executive Leadership Coach at Nick Roud Coaching

Why Do You Do The Work You Do?. 

It’s a question that I ask every single CEO, Executive and Emerging Leader. Why do you do the work you do?

It is a fairly simple question don’t you think and it blows my mind the passion that is shared back to me as the leader articulates his/her why. I can say hand on heart that I have never heard the same response twice. 

There is no right or wrong response, the response is yours to own and only yours to execute. You may be a little unclear at first but during our time working together things get very clear for you and when at the end of our 6,9 or 12 month engagement I ask that very same question, Why do you do the work you do the response is sic sink , clear and more often than not driven by purpose no opportunity. 

The purpose of this question is to allow you to think, stop, reflect and ask a fundamental question. Many of us reading this article today will smile and hit me back with a response. Others may well struggle, really struggle to get there thoughts in order. 

As an executive educator I believe it is vital we each put time into our year, ask ourself the same question and collect our thoughts together.  As a 48 (soon to be 49) dad, husband and executive coach I am a person who likes to push the boundaries of what is possible. When I decided (8 years ago) that things were not aligned in my professional work nor where the people around me aligned to my values it was the very first question I asked myself 

Nick, Why Do You Do The Work You Do? 

I looked into the mirror and didn’t like what was staring back at me so it was time. Fast forward to today and I am serving my purpose. Its a drug that I know is good for me and one I will keep taking till I am 75. Keep with me on this journey and lets grow old together……..

So today I ask you that very same question and encourage you to pause, step away from what you are doing and think not about others, not about your current situation, just you. Let me hold that mirror up for you while you take the time to look deeply into that mirror and then notice what is staring back at you. Now is not the time to make drastic, dramatic changes if you are not liking what is staring back at you. What I ask you to do is in a few months do the same exercise, and then again a few months past then. What themes, what are you noticing about yourself, What is continuing to crop up, what are you happy with and not happy with, then I ask you this question. 

So know you have some evidence, what are we going to do about it? 

If you are looking for a workable document that you can use to capture your thoughts here is a free – copy for you use, I hope it helps you get started.

Now you have spent say 9 months answering and reflecting its time to turn the dial up and start taking action. This is where the hard work now comes into play. Mood follows action and if you are looking to make a positive change then take the leap forwards and get started…..reach out to me if you need any support or help.

Todays blog is an open invitation to you to grab hold of your future, to really pause, reflect on where you are heading and to ensure its the right path to walk. We may never meet, I may never have the huge honour of being your coach, our paths may never cross, all I ask is you step forwards and ensure you are doing what you ‘must’ be doing. We only have one life and I just hope you look back with no regrets, just a sense of pride. 

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Nick x

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