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As a leadership coach one question asked from clients is that of study! What should I think study Nick? 

This like marrying, naming your child, choosing which restaurant to visit is a very personal choice and one I avoid answering. As a leader who came late to the party of development I can whole heartily agree that continuous learning is a rich source of vitamin just like spending some time in the sun, we need it. Development has and continues to support me, it has shifted view point, enlighten me, broken me and lifted me up to greater heights. All of which I would not have received if I just rested on my lorals.  Learning has evolved so much so that professionals are a little bit confused and unsure of direction. 

Some successful executives who I have coached shared with me the importance of getting out of your own country of residence, flying to a new country and learning their be it visiting organisation, spending time in lecture rooms, spiritually connecting with other views what ever it is the very point is learning from across borders. Nearly every executive who I interview shares how beneficial getting on a plan and going to a new place is in itself a lift in professional development, meeting locals, eating local etc. Learning isn’t necessary getting a ‘badge or a few letters after your name’ I know from coaching on the EMBA and MBA programs here in New Zealand that humans want and do learn differently. If I reflect back I didn’t read that much as a child (always wanting to play rugby with my mates) it is not till very recently that I have become a bit of a book snob! The pages turn effortlessly and the enormous pleasure I get from reading is making a monumental shift in my thinking. I personally struggle sitting exams, I failed my scooter test 12 times not the test but the writing / exam at the end, it wasn’t till the lady came over and said Nick you have been driving a car since the age of 16 why are you getting these questions wrong. Well I am dyslexic and how I was interpreting the questions was not how they asked the questions. So the kind lady sat with me, read out the questions and I got 100% oh and she refunded me the huge amount of money I had spent on this!! You see we all learn differently. 

I’d encourage you to really dig into the ‘what’ part of learning. What are you wanting to learn. What format is the learning in? What might be the teaching style? What length of time will it incur? What is the cost? What will be the outcome?

The leadership coaching that I have the privilege of doing every day with CEO, executives and emerging leaders is very intermit, confidential and not for everyone. We go deep and gain real time evidence in your leadership approach. We peel back that onion. We go very deep and many clients share many aha moments on their way to improving as a leader. The very nature of this learning will not suit all, in fact its not designed for all it is only designed for the elite leaders who want more! That is very powerful. I have clients in locations that are not New Zealand (where I chose to live) we coach clients in the US, Canada, Europe, Middle East and other locations. Technology is enabling our time together no matter your home location. The human connection is extremely high and I look forward to personally sharing space together with clients soon. 

The very essence of learning across borders may well open up your mind to many other aspects.

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

Nick x

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Nick Roud

Nick Roud

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