THE WINNING MINDSET OF A GREAT LEADER | Nick’s Daily Blog | 8th March 2023

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THE WINNING MINDSET OF A LEADER  |  Nick’s Daily Blog | 8th March 2023. 

When coaching successful leaders I am curious about them, we all fully appreciate that a leader is made but what sets them apart from anyone else around. How do the truly elite leaders continue to make a lasting impact on those they serve? It’s been one of my life long quests and one I believe after coaching over a 1,000 CEOs, executives and emerging leaders and spending hours with each of them will never be fully answered. That’s the enigma that comes with lasting leadership success. Their is no one size fits all, or copy this approach and you will reach heaven, or replicate that leader and you will be fine! No the answers lies deeper, much deeper than any of us could imagine. 

I coach because my brain see things differently, born with the most precious of superpowers ‘dyslexia’ born to a world where holding you pen in a certain way was what you must do, born to a schooling process which wasn’t able to teach kids differently. I struggled and really got down on myself for being so called ‘thick’ but during those very dark years my mindset, thoughts, values and beliefs where being shaped to help me do what I do now – help successful leaders be more! That is no dig at the schools or teachers I attended it was me who up until recently realised that my brain is what it is and no amount of screaming or shouting at me will change that! 

People ask me how I coach, I never answer that question because like you every single successful leader or emerging leader is different sure I have some wicked tools that enable us to work on how you see yourself as a leader and how others perceive you. Their is no one size fits all, I always answer that question with why I coach. My response normally raises some eyebrows when I say I don’t know but I can sense, feel and see things that others can’t and that within a period of time enables my clients to massively improve. I suppose that’s all that really matters to my clients, improvements. 

As the title suggested the mindset of leaders holds the key to their personal, professional and service success. What I have observed from many is the ongoing need to move forwards, the desire to help, the passion to see others do well, the drive and hunger to win, the ability to ask for help, the vulnerability to put their hand up and seek wisdom from people who can take their idea and make it happen. The mindset is one that things sometimes will come easily to them and other times they really must put in the time. The winning mindset of a great leader knows his/her strengths and puts roadmaps in for development areas, they don’t spend to long worrying about what they are not good at rather they spend enormous time improving their strengths. I love that about the leaders I coach. And typically they are just like you and me, individuals who want to have fun in life, and want to leave this earth a little bit better then when they arrived. The mindset of a leader will always evolve and not settle! An interesting article of Mindset can also be read here from the Harvard Business Review.

I plan over the next decade to continue appreciating and understanding the mindset of humans and will do my damedest not to put anyone in a box! We are all uniquely different – keep doing you and keep pushing the limits. 

I’m deeply interested to hear how from you if you have or are leading a group of yes people and you want to shift that environment forwards. Reach out to me at

When we face our fears we typically grow, when we allow fears to dictate our action things start to stall. Don’t let that inner voice hold you back – get evidence! 

Enjoy the art of learning and keep sharing your wisdom with others. The world needs you and we will all be better of for it

Good Vibes!

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